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Band restructures Irish Guard

| Friday, May 2, 2014

The Irish Guard, the kilted group of marchers who meet a six-foot-two height requirement and perform with the Band of the Fighting Irish, has undergone significant changes for the upcoming football season, Guard captain and junior Andrew Pemberton said.

“The Irish Guard will continue to be a section within the band, but will now be reserved for members who demonstrate at least one year of service and leadership as a musician or manager,” Pemberton said in an email. “The new plan likens the Irish Guard to drum majors or band president, with the goal of making membership in the Irish Guard a one-year honorary position.”

Dr. Kenneth Dye, director of bands, confirmed the change in the selection process for new Guard members. He said the band staff invited the 2013 Guard members to audition for the 2014 football season but chose to select an entirely new group from current band members based on the idea that serving on the Guard will now be a one- to two-year commitment.

“We interviewed the [previous Guard members] who decided to apply and then we told them recently that we were going to start with a new group,” Dye said. “… The idea is not to have four-year Irish Guard members or three-year Irish Guard members.

“We want to limit it to something that is done as a special leadership opportunity that is perhaps one or two years in duration. [The 2013] group has already served one or two years, and we thought that that was fair.”

Dye said he and the band staff, with the approval of the Office of Student Affairs, believe restricting membership in the Irish Guard to current band members and managers will increase their level of commitment to the specialized group.

“We’re trying to elevate the responsibility of the Guard so that they exemplify the best qualities of a Notre Dame student,” he said. “… If we pick from the membership of the [2013] Guard rather than from an auditioning membership at the beginning of the fall, then we know what their record and habits and citizenship are, and it gives us a stronger pool of applicants and participants to really put the best people that we have in front of the band.”

The Irish Guard performs alongside the Band of the Fighting Irish in the Sept. 8, 2012, game against Purdue. The Guard has been restructured to include band members only, eliminating the height requirement of 6'2''.Kevin Song | The Observer

The Irish Guard performs alongside the Band of the Fighting Irish in the Sept. 8, 2012, game against Purdue. The Guard has been restructured to include band members only, eliminating the height requirement of 6’2”.

Pemberton said he was concerned that the changes could affect the history and tradition of the Guard, which has existed since 1949, according to the band website.

“I would hope that the significance of the Irish Guard within the band would become more prominent as a result of these changes, as that was their intended effect, but I can’t help but feel that [the Guard’s] significance on campus and as a symbol of the strength, integrity and athleticism of Notre Dame and of the Fighting Irish will slowly diminish as a result of these changes,” Pemberton said. “Regarding its legacy, this may be the end of a long line of Guardsmen who, for 65 years, have passed down the stories, techniques and respect for the uniform that originated with John Fyfe.”

“While there will still be kilted members of the band to lead it onto the field and perhaps perform Damsha Bua, our victory clog, much of the lore and pageantry that has become a large part of the pregame ritual on fall Saturdays will be lost,” he said. “There are a lot of little things that go on that spectators wouldn’t necessary notice, but have become very significant for Guardsmen and their friends and families.

“For example, just as the band is setting up for [the] concert on the steps and before we march in our ranks onto Bond Quad to meet them, we take a moment to halt in the middle of God Quad and salute Mary on top of the Golden Dome. It’s the little things that make marching out every week so special to all of us and to all of the Guard alumni — many of whom come back to greet us every week and treat us as their own kids.”

The Irish Guard began as a group of students who played bagpipes with the band, according to the band website. Dye said drawing members from current band members would move the group closer to its historical tradition.

“[We are] going back to where it started, where [Irish Guard members] were musicians in the band,” he said. “That was continued for a couple of decades and then it strayed from there. It does have musical roots, and we are going back to our roots.”

Dye said no other eligibility requirements would be changed other than the elimination of a specific height requirement.

“Next year’s Guard will all be very tall in stature, but we don’t want to put a number on a person,” he said. “So next year’s Guard will probably be visibly just as tall, but we … don’t want to ever number a person because a lot of it depends on their poise and how they stand and their posture and we want to make sure that there is a uniformity in look — that we maintain that tradition — but we don’t want to put a number on it.”

Dye said the new process will allow for more leadership opportunities within the band, a large group that he said has proportionally fewer leadership roles than other campus clubs. He said changing the policies to require one year of service in the band as a performer or manager will allow potential Guard members to demonstrate their commitment to the group.

“We’re looking for the qualities of the student,” Dye said. “We’re looking for a student that has fabulous service to the band and the community, great attendance and citizenship in the band — someone that has proven themselves in the organization for a minimum of one year, preferably longer. With the current system, there really isn’t that time to assess their leadership qualities and participation in the band.”

Dye said he hopes making the Irish Guard a more leadership-focused position within the band will give the position added prestige.

“We hope that [new Irish Guard members] are model band students and model Notre Dame students, so that when you say ‘Irish Guard,’ and you’re interviewing for job, that this is the kind of person you want for a manager or a CEO of a company,” he said.

Associate News Editor Jack Rooney contributed to this report.

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  • Puzzling

    Dr. Dye asking the current Guard members to “apply”
    and then “interview” before telling them they are all out is a pretty low class
    move. If the plan was to scrap the current system and “not to have four-year Irish Guard members or three-year Irish Guard members,” then the decision was already made.

    • H

      Especially considering that 4 of the 5 would be returning Irish Guard members had but one year of experience, and thus would be completing the second year of participation this coming season.

  • P

    “… If we pick from the membership of the [2013] Guard rather than from an auditioning membership at the beginning of the fall, then we know what their record and habits and citizenship are, and it gives us a stronger pool of applicants and participants to really put the best people that we have in front of the band.”

    Wait, removing current Guard members from the pool of applicants (who have practiced and performed for hundreds of hours) and only selecting from those with no experience, creates a “stronger pool of applicants?” Doesn’t seem like a solid strategy.

    • H

      By “stronger pool of applicants”, I think they mean their character. Also, the new Guardsmen will not have “no experience”. They come from the band and would only have to learn the Victory Clog basically.

      • CU

        “Only the Victory Clog basically”… You really have no clue, do you?

      • Duh

        So, you mean to tell me that the Band has superior character to the ND student body? That’s a bit arrogant. Arrogance is a character flaw, no?

  • H

    To question the record, habits, and citizenship of the Notre Dame community of students is ridiculous. This limits the pool of applicants dramatically and removes those who are interesting in participating in a great tradition, but don’t play an instrument.

    To remove the Irish Guard marching half time is mind boggling. Why? What does that have to do with any of the potential issues they, as a band, are facing? This is a slap in the face of the traditions of Notre Dame.

  • alum

    So… ND is putting astro-turf in the stadium, changing the Irish Guard traditions, eliminating the swim test and frosh PE. Chip Chip Chipping away at tradition… Any news on whether the players will still be instructed to walk off the field when they lose instead of standing with the student section for the Alma Mater??

  • sheesh

    This is absolutely idiotic. A slap in the face. How can this fool of a band director be allowed to, virtually unilaterally, change such a rich tradition? What is the real story because this does not make any sense. I am so disgusted in the University for the constant chipping away at tradition. People loved the inspection. It was a huge draw. Was the band director jealous because it took attention away from the band? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • H

      Inspection was removed for the safety of the guards. It was getting out of control.

      • Ndfan83

        For the safety of the guard? What was getting out of control? That old members would come up and crack jokes in their ears, then hug them right after and congratulate them? No yelling in the face, no physical contact. Safety???

      • Mathers

        What about inspection was getting out of control? Please elaborate…

        I spent the past three years inside that Guard inspection circle. Never once felt like my “safely” was compromised. In fact, my fondest memories of ND have been interacting with former Guards at IG inspection.

      • CU

        Safety of the guard…. You really have no clue what you’re talking about.

  • Daffy Duck

    Kenneth Dye’s genius plan to make the guard “visibly just as tall”: bigger hats.

  • Brian Gant

    This is bad policy. The Guard always was it’s own organization, only attached to the band by association. This decision seems to be a major overstep by the band with regard to not only trying to regulate membership, but in spitting on tradition.
    I was going to send in my annual alumni donation today, but will now be sending a letter instead.
    Brian Gant
    Class of 89

    • bandmember

      With all do respect, the Irish Guard has always been a function of the band. There direct overseer was Donelle, a member of the band staff. They were created under the vision of Hope, a famous band director and each fall each member of the Irish Guard receives the same academic credit as the rest of the band. This is not a “major overstep” by the band but rather a change that has been coming for long time.

      • Pi

        With all DUE respect, any Notre Dame student that starts a comment with “with all do respect” needs to spend more time in class and less time in the band.

      • nd graduate

        “With all due respect” and “Their direct…” . I question your membership as a Notre Dame student, or a band member! Maybe if you graduate in a few years, you will see all these changes to tradition as a negative thing, as we who graduated before you. You do understand that we attended the University once, just as you are doing now??

  • Anonymous

    Apparently nobody within the Irish Guard realizes how much of a joke they are to the rest of the student body.

    • what?

      Joke or not, people respect them when they are in uniform.

  • TNT65

    Has there been a full coup by the milketoast regime? This makes the Irish Guard on the same level as the band secretary and other minor officers, and lightens the intensity to the Purdue “Golden Girl”.

    The more I see and hear, we will soon have all the gravitas and uniqeness as any band with a “flag drill”.

    This is just too bad

  • Michael

    Dr. Dye wants to get rid of the Guard. That was his intention from the start, and in talking with Band members current and former he has never liked the Guard and has wanted it gone for some time. All Dr. Dye has accomplished is to make Notre Dame more like everything else and strangle another tradition that made ND unique. As far as I’m concerned he should have left with Monk and that the current administration allowed this to happen makes me question if they’re really an improvement. Dr. Dye you were a pain when I was there as a student and I look forward to the day you retire from your position. Notre Dame will be better for it.

    • Guest

      Get a life.

    • Robert

      That’s BS Michael!

  • CJ

    Maybe Dr. Dye would be willing to interview annually for his position, for the good of the band? I mean, what if a stronger candidate came along.

  • Disappointed

    I shall reserve judgment, but my sense is that this is change for change’s sake. The Irish Guard is a wonderful Notre Dame tradition, one of which we can all be proud, and one that needs no revisions.

    • Robert

      What Dr. Dye won’t say is how disappointed he has been in the collective behavior of these over grown clods, drinking, hazing and embarrassing the band. It has gotten out of hand and now he’s rewarding real musicians within the band with an opportunity to earn the right to be a member and return this group to it’s glory. Congrats to Dr. Dye, The Best Band Director in the history of ND Bands!!

      • Nate

        Why do I feel as if you have no friends? Irish Guards are recognized as a face of the University and Dye Just ripped that face off

        • CC

          Love the tradition of the Irish Guard. Also agree with the former members that they also represented the athleticism and strength of the university. I used to be in awe of them when I was a little girl. I don’t want to “stereotype,” but I don’t think your average band member fits the profile of Irish Guardsman as we have all come to know and love it. The band holds its own special reverence within the ND community and its fans, not sure why they needed to also impose themselves on this other revered tradition. I’m disappointed with the change and understand the former guards disappointment.

        • Robert

          I am an Alum and my niece is in the band. Her room mate dates a Guard member. The stories she tells about the drunken, idiotic and embarrassing behavior would make you think they were brain damaged. It’s been going on for years, and it went on when I was there in the ’70s. Why do I feel you are a clueless wannabe? Dye made the tough decision and it’s a great one.

          • Why Lie Robert?!?

            BTW Robert is not an Alumni of the University of ND. From his comments higher up it is clear who his niece is in the band if you knew her/members of the Irish Guard, and were a member of the 2010-2014 class. Why say you are an alumni when you are not? This further invalidates what he said higher up.

      • Duh

        How can you praise him for making this absolutely weak decision? If, in fact, the Guard was so poorly behaved, should he not be held accountable for this? Did he not have the power to dole out appropriate punishments (e.g. 1 game suspensions, etc.)? He simply is too weak of a leader to obtain any respect or buy-in from anyone other than band members. He can’t lead a pack of alpha males, so he has chucked them out.

  • what?

    Ken Dye certainly did not explain his displeasure to the Guard adequately in prior years, in fact here is a picture of him presenting a director’s award to the Guard captain in 2012: http://imgur.com/ghgThz3. The decision seems to have been made with little basis in fact. I find it extremely unprofessional of him to take pot shots at kids around 20 who are still students. Especially considering that his “leadership” is what should have remediated any issues with the group. If he isn’t a strong enough leader to gain the trust and buy-in from the general student population, and can only do so with tenured band members, maybe he is just not good enough at his job. This is what a REAL leader does when someone has a problem with a kid who he is responsible for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoMmbUmKN0E

  • Robert

    Reading comprehension is key here, the Irish Guard still exists, there will be no visible change from outside observers. This is a great move as an earned leadership position within the band. The Irish Guard in previous years has had issues with behavior and a very arrogant attitude. These guys were not thrown under the bus, they had they’re 2 year run and now it’s going to be an upgrade and an honor for musicians in the band to earn……minus the air of entitlement, arrogance and childish behavior besmirching the bands honor. Kudos to Dr. Dye for making a difficult but great decision!

    • Nate

      I’m sorry that the previous members of the guard had friends and were generally athletes in high school… not band geeks

      • Band Mom

        Nate, a pretty hefty percentage of the band, like the larger ND student body did compete in high school athletics. Many were very accomplished and had the opportunity to continue to pursue athletics but instead elected to participate in Band. My daughter selected ND over many schools for many reasons but the band was perhaps one of the biggest. Some kids are blessed and possess many talents but time constraints force them to choose. Some choose football, some volleyball but some actually prefer to march in the band. My daugher is beautiful, swims, rock climbs, runs, plays basketball, volleyball and throws a great spiral. Knowing she is like many of her peers, I’m bit surprised by your stereotyping and reference to “band geeks” unless of course you are using that as a term of endearment. Context clues tell me that is not the case. What I do know is that she and fellow band members have great friends and friendships. It is my hope your ND experience allows you to see that people do not fit neatly into boxes. Start asking your friends who were (I suspect “were” is more accurate than “are”) athletes and/or guards and my guess is you will be surprised to learn how many were/are former bandgeeks themselves. The two guards I’ve spoken with on campus were both in band in high school. Sadly, many kids fear being judged by people like you and though love music they decide not to pursue it in college.

        Many kids after investing 8+ years in learning, playing, marching and loving an instrument give it up when they attend ND. Sadly some kids get cut at auditions because they do not have the necessary marching & playing skills. Sadder yet is the number of students who’d love to try out but don’t. I wrongly assumed these students simply had decided music was no longer a priority for them. However, after reading your post I am more concerned that many still love music but at age 17 or 18 do not yet possess the self-assurance to withstand being judged by their peers. Unfortunately, they are correct to fear people wrongly assuming that being in band makes them a friendless geek lacking in physical prowess. It’s about time people get over the stereotype. This will be a great opportunity for the band to showcase it’s great talent, leadership and good looks as well as a great excuse for the kid who needs to be perceived as “cool” and “athletic” to be a band nerd. If we are lucky this change might bring people together instead of be divisive.

    • Joe

      Reading comprehension? facts……..no two year run for several members….but let’s let them take the hit. It sure sounds like being thrown under the bus when you are asked to complete an application and then dismissed because someone changed their mind. Sounds like a childish response by an adult that is supposed to be a leader. And….doubt that Dr. Dye made this decision.

  • MM

    This is the Guard’s chickens coming home to roost. They were getting out of control. It was just a matter of time until Dye came down on them, and he has.

    • Joe

      Dye selected the captain of the Guard as band member of the year just a year ago. Hmmmm they must have really been out of control.

  • gaeilgeoir

    damhsa (DOW-sa) not ‘damsha’

    • Duh

      Thank you. Larry Dwyer and Ken Dye can’t understand that pronunciation no matter how thoroughly it is explained to them. Hopefully this new group doesn’t try to perform it… NO WAY they get it right

  • CJD, ’81

    My wife and I sit right in front of the Irish Guard at home ND games (gold seats, section 7) and we have been routinely embarrassed by their behavior at games. From their behavior, it is clear that they didn’t give a darn about the football team or the band…they were their own little club misbehaving and in general acting like they were very bored to be at the games. Behavior like this leads to actions like Dr. Dye’s. I applaud his decision. And trust me, I love ND traditions. I’ve been to about 150 ND football games since I graduated. I think Dr. Dye is showing great leadership through this decision.

    • DE

      Sir, I was a member of the Irish Guard from 2010 to 2012. I have to ask you, when I was looking in the direction of the gold seats, trying to get the crowd into the game (the people in the gold seats would never stand up or make any noise), cheering on the team until my voice was completely gone, how did that appear to you like I was disinterested in the football game?

      Also, how does taking pot shots at 10 young guys that he is supposed to be responsible for good leadership? I don’t think it’s prudent for ND employees to publicly denigrate students, especially without providing any examples of what they have done wrong. If Dr. Dye is such a good leader, why can he only lead band students, and not students selected from the general population at Notre Dame?

      • Robert

        Are you the one who broke parietals in my nieces dorm, pissed in the sink and refrigerator and tried to get your girlfriend and her room mate res lifed?

        • DE

          Absolutely not. I never heard any of the guys I was on the Guard with say anything like that, and I’m sure all of the guys I was on the Guard with are above such things as “trying to get someone res lifed.”

          • Vito

            Well this guy is a med student in Pittsburgh now and a real piece of merde, and he was in your class if you went 2010-2012. Fortunately the girlfriend has since dumped him. He thought getting them res lifed would be “amusing”. The room mate she spoke of was an honors students and very distressed as he would come back every football weekend and stay in the dorm, she was forced to sleep on couches in other students. If it was my kid I would have had him arrested, at the very least.

          • P

            You do realize it takes two to tango, so he’s not the only one responsible for staying the night, right? Breaking parietals is perhaps (at best) a res life issue or an in-house problem for a rector, certainly not illegal. If students could be arrested for breaking them, then half the student body would be criminals. Plus how would he get them res life without getting himself in trouble? Even people on the Guard can (and have) gotten res life before.

          • Robert

            Clarifiction, This behavior was AFTER he graduated his first year. And it does take 2 to tango but he’s the only one pissing in the fridge and his attempts to get them res lifed was being loud trying to attract the RA’s attention. He was res lifed himslef a few times as an esteemed member of The Guard!

          • FU

            I was reslifed before ever being on the Guard, no incidences after being on the guard. You would honestly arrest your own kid for breaking parietals? Also, obviously your niece could’ve told on me the very first time I slept over or just asked me not to because it made her uncomfortable. This never happened. I’m not a dick and never tried to get them res-lifed, if your niece was sleeping in other rooms then how would that even be possible? My final point is how do my actions have anything to do with my time on the guard? I would liken that logic to saying University of Florida football should be punished because Anthony Hernandez broke rules after he graduated and no longer had anything to do with the team. Just please get your facts straight before you post. For the record I dumped her not the other way around.

          • Robert Vito

            As far as facts straight, Just be glad I was back in Brooklyn when you pulled your crap. Maybe you would like to have this discussion in person one day fruit bag. Then again I’m thinkin maybe you don’t. If you are representative of anyone in the Guard, then I’m glad they changed the process.

          • FU

            Haha you can talk so tough on a computer but I could really care less what you say. I stated facts, and you realized you were wrong, so you result to name calling and physical threats. I said nothing against you or your niece yet you still try to attack me? Nothing you said has any merit and has no bearing on what kind of person I am, or any representation of how a person on this guard is.

        • Mathers

          Uncle Robert and Vito, txt your niece about the Guardsmen that just graduated. Ask her about the 5 returners who were not invited back. She’s good friends with all of them. She’ll give you nothing but positive reviews, gents

  • Craig Smith

    Time for Dr. Dye to go.

    • Vito

      Time for you to get your prescription refilled.

  • Deguelo

    I love the comments regarding ND throwing tradition to the wind. The tradition of the field going to field turf. I enjoyed the “tradition” of ND playing on a surface that was the laughing stock of CFB. A field that you couldn’t run your offense on cause guys cutting would slip, pull hamstrings. I’m gonna miss the commercial breaks and watching a legion of middle aged ushers on the field stomping down swaths of the field. A field so pathetic that other colleges is it to recruit against the Irish. Now the outrage of Dye brooming the notoriously drunken, ambivalent, entitled, boorish, condescending overgrown babies that have made up the guard in favor of making it a real leadership position within the band! Good job Dr Dye, glad the tradition of tolerating the behavior of these tools is over!

  • yuri

    The Irish Guard had a sense of entitlement based solely on physical stature. I am a fan of eliminating the 6’2″ requirement and opening to people of all heights, genders, races, colors, creeds, etc. It should be an honor based on your service to the university and not based on height. Whether they made it a band position or not is of little consequence to me; eliminating heightism is a step in the right direction.

    • Bandist

      What about Bandism? This move is actually SUBSTANTIALLY restricting the amount of people that could try out for the Irish Guard. There are approximately 400 people involved in the band, most of whom would much rather actually play the instruments at which have worked so hard to excel. The Guard has always been open to band members and the rest of the student body alike, not requiring someone to play an instrument for a non-musical role.

      And look at it this way, would a 120 pound 5’0″ person be able to physically lift and toss aside a 300 pound blackout man? I HIGHLY doubt it. However, I have seen this exact situation occurring to the Irish Guard, and they handled the situation quickly and effectively. The (6’2″+) Guard also intimidates people enough that they will be sure to clear the way without needing to be asked twice. From the looks of the people they got for this year from the band, they are not going to be up to the task. From its founding, the Guard’s job has basically been the protection of the Band, and to clear the way so that marching goes as smoothly as possible. These requirements could absolutely not be fulfilled by someone of any size. As it was in the past, the guard absolutely was open to people of all genders, races, colors and creeds, and you will find absolutely no evidence to show otherwise.

  • Acquaintance of your niece

    Pretty sure if you are the uncle that your niece talks about, then you did not even graduate from ND. Is this the case? Also before you threaten to spread things you should talk to your niece. Knowing how nice your niece is I don’t think this is a response she would like. Also I know the kid, your niece, and her roommate Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior year. Your stories are exaggerated and do not show the truth to any of their character. Just before you say anything I would ask your niece before you start naming names because I know the kid was there for your niece multiple times when she had too much to drink at dorm parties or house parties and he helped her get home, helped clean her up, and made sure she was taken care of. Nobodies perfect and I don’t think this is a forum for what you seem to have made a personal vendetta against this one member of the IG. Just think wisely before people start posting things on the internet that could negatively affect them. All I read from fu is that yes he made mistakes (like we all have) but the stories you tell have no bearing on how this decision should affect the guard. Just both of you seem very passionate about this issue but think that this is in the wrong forum for what has become a discussion not of IG but something else entirely and I do not want to see people start to post stories that show the bad sides of people when there are definitely lots of good qualities to both sides. I was a member of the band for 3 years (2011-2013) as a piccolo and can say while the decision to disband the guard was clouded in confusion to the actual reason behind the disbandment (not saying it was deserved or undeserved), the way mine, and your nieces friends who currently would be on the guard led to believe they would be let back on to only have that revoked at the last meeting was wrong. Please for everyones sake just stop.

    • Vito

      Acquaintance, You are absolutely right and I was wrong to post anything other than an opinion on the guard situation in general. I got carried away and I am sorry and embarrassed for me and my niece. She is an amazing young lady and her room mate is as well. They do not deserve the attention this has drawn. Again my apologies to FU and anyone who my idiotic rant has caused stress.

      • Apologies

        Your niece is the only true victim here and I apologized to her (and like you said she really is one of the most kind hearted people I have met). I hope someone at the observer can just block all comments on this section because none of it matters or is relevant to what is happening to the Irish Guard. We all have fun in college and have a ton of great stories that we will tell our kids some days. Along those lines we all have stories of more embarrassing moments that we would like to forget about and don’t want to be brought up. I should’ve let the first comments go but I did not think they were fair to be put out in a forum like this when they have no relevance to the type of character I (or any other member) displayed while being in the IG and so I got defensive. I am sorry to you too.

        • Vito

          I have requested all comments be blocked or removed as I flagged them all and I wrote to the author Lesley requesting the same.. For someone approaching senior citizenship you would think I wouldn’t be so stupid. I talked to her dad today and he said he thought you were a pretty good guy, and you’re right, tons of good stories and some embarrassing ones that you will tell your kids one day maybe sanitized a bit but certainly not until they are in their 30’s. Best wishes to you and your future. My deepest apologies to you and my niece. Few people, know anyone’s identity and that’s the only saving grace. And btw neither I or my brother know your name….it was stupid.

  • FU

    Robert, if you want I can tell two stories of when your niece was saved from res lifes and going to a hospital (which her friends wanted to send her too) because of me. I understand that you probably don’t know these but if you must continue I would too. I am not saying what i did was right but am also saying there are things that are pertinent to the argument and not. Please text or call your niece and ask her if she wants her laundry out on an observer comment section to show times when she was in trouble and I helped her. We all were in college and we all made mistakes and we all did good things also. All I am trying to say is that a lot of the things you are saying aren’t true, and do not reflect on anything about the guard so they shouldn’t even be brought up in this argument. Say my name and your niece’s stories get responded with her full name capiche?

  • Internet Avenger

    Don’t really have a dog in this fight, but you all do realize that Dr. Dye is a TROJAN, right?

    Any guess why he’s ditching all your beloved traditions to the curb… Bwaaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa! Up next, we put a Trojan helmet on Touchdown Jesus!!! Suck it you mick bastards!!

  • Maureen Coughlin

    This is SOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG!!!! & VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!! Maureen Coughlin (Avon, Ohio & ND fan since 1956)!