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Notre Dame falls to Florida State: Players, coaches weigh in on negated TD

| Sunday, October 19, 2014

Here is a compilation of Notre Dame’s reactions and perspectives on the negated touchdown.

Irish head coach Brian Kelly:

We needed to make one more play.

Q: Did you think you made that play?
We needed to make one more play.

Q: Did you receive an explanation?
No. No explanation.

Q: You see anything indicative of a penalty?
We execute that play every day. And we do it legally and that’s the way we coach it. We don’t coach illegal plays.

Q: You say anything to C.J. Prosise?
He did exactly what he’s coached to do, exactly what he’s coached to do.

Senior quarterback Everett Golson:

Q: You’ve run that play a million times, what was your perspective?
They called the offensive pass interferences. That’s something that you can’t argue with. You just gotta play through it. That last play on fourth-and-18, I probably could have made a play, so I think that’s what I’m more just disappointed in in getting that loss.

Q: What did you see on the play, did you see the engagement?
No, I did not see that. I didn’t see it.

Q: What did you see as Corey was in the flat?

We ran that play previously. To me it looked the same. Like I said you can’t argue with the refs. They made a call. So that’s something you gotta deal with.

Irish senior linebacker Joe Schmidt:
The last play, I mean, we’ve run that play a ton in practice. I knew exactly what we were doing. It worked out that way, and I’ve defended it a million times and I don’t know, I didn’t see exactly. I knew what play we’d run, we’d run it a hundred million times in practice, and as coach says, we try to play the right way, and that’s the way it worked out today. We’ve just got to make one more play at the end of the game.”

Sophomore receiver Corey Robinson:

“We needed to make a play. We were one play away. When you score like that, with time expiring, and you know, you thought you win the game, that’s heartbreaking.”

“We came in here 100 percent confident that we were going to beat them, that we were going to shock the world. It was us against the world today, and unfortunately, we didn’t pull it out.”

“I don’t know what happened really. I didn’t see the pass interference, but I thought we got it.”

Sophomore receiver Will Fuller:

On what Kelly said to team after game:
“It’s very difficult. [Kelly] just told us that it’s very disappointing, it’s a very disappointing way to lose, and we just needed to make one more play.”

“I can’t really explain how I felt when I saw the flag.”

“I didn’t see what happened. I was just running my route, and I saw Corey catch the ball, and I thought we won the game.”

“I have a lot of anger in me, and in the locker room, there’s a lot of anger, but you know, it’s our fault. We needed to make one more play, and we didn’t.”

Junior defensive end Sheldon Day:

“We control what we control, and that’s something we can’t control.”

“I thought he scored. I’d seen him score a touchdown, everybody yelling, cheering, but I guess there was a flag.”

On disappointed locker room:

“I think that’s something that comes along with losing. There were definitely some down faces, but we’re going to bounce back.”

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  • Aaron D. Weidner

    I thought it was a legit play myself until I replayed it over and over. ND got robbed. Thats me admitting I thought the play was good. Then further seeing…we got robbed. I repeat ND got robbed.

    • Jim Dandion

      There were so many things wrong with that call I don’t even know where to start: 1) The guy covering Robinson was NOT the guy who got “picked.” So how can it be a “pick” play? 2) The DB was as much holding the WR as the WR was “blocking.” Watch the film. FSU is in press coverage, ball is snapped, and the DB immediately grabs the ND WR. 3) The B judge throws the flag. I can’t even FIND him in the film. Not the SJ, not the HJ, but the freaking BACK JUDGE, who HAD to have been standing on the back line of the end zone. Unbelievable. I mean, unbelievable. Out of all of that, I think the biggest point is if you watch, the DB CLEARLY holds the ND WR. Why wasn’t this holding, defense? And if it isn’t going to be holding defense, then don’t you coach your DB’s to use that strategy EVERY SINGLE TIME? Press coverage, ball is snapped, hug the WR. Immediately. HORRIBLE, CRIMINAL call.

  • SanelBabic

    Watch it on loop. Not offensive PI. Total garbage! #NDvsFSU https://vine.co/v/ObOBAdPbI5a ” Couldn’t be more rigged.

  • plainsman844

    They were BLOCKING for Pete’s sake – even Lou Holtz called it interference. Get over it.

    • Jim Dandion

      Oh, really? It wasn’t HOLDING on the DB? Did you even WATCH the play????? Ball is snapped and the DB immediately extends his arms around the WR and grabs him. The WR doesn’t even get to the level he wants to. He’s actually not trying to “block,” he’s trying to FREE himself so he can go pick the DB he’s supposed to. The DB who gets “interfered” with isn’t the guy who is guarding Robinson.

      In addition to that, they ran the EXACT SAME play earlier in the game for a TD going the other way and NOTHING was called. You can’t suddenly change the strike zone with 10 seconds to go in the game. HORRIFIC call.

  • Watchinem

    Usually this type of referee interference goes on in the NFL not NCAA. Usually NCAA refs let them play. And that’s why it’s become so tiresome to watch NFL. Now refs are deciding who wins NCAA too. FSU defender clearly grabs and doesn’t let go of ND #20. Then turns and whines at ref who WAS NOT EVEN LOOKING at them. And the Oscar goes to… that whining sneak wearing FSU #8. Quite a feat, stealing the “game of the year.” ND won that game. They should file formal protest.

  • Jonathon

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  • espn perpetuates story line

    I like how the announcers said it took “courage” to make the call. Since when does it take courage to make the biggest home field call of all time?

  • alohasteve

    ND vs Florida State highlights. Tough, tough loss. We out gained them and outplayed them…


  • JJK

    Both quarterbacks should not have played in this game. Ours should not have been allowed to return to ND and Winston for pick your reason (transgression). We are better than that. We need to be the example, not be an example.

  • Irish Fan

    When a DB gets picked, rubbed or whatever you want to call it, they immediately motion to the ref. Watch the play and the DBs start blaming each other for bad cover, none motion (complain) to the ref.

  • RealisticDomerInFL

    I graduated from Notre Dame when Holtz was there. He used to eat breakfast at North Dining Hall. I also live in Florida now. Holtz said the OPI call was correct on ESPN immediately after the ND-FSU game. But he also thought ND is still realistic in making the Final Four despite the loss. The concern is that while Kelly is griping about the penalty a lot of time and energy are wasted. Meanwhile, out west there are two teams better than Stanford waiting with a fury to give Notre Dame another loss – Arizona State and Southern California. I spent my childhood out in the Pac-12 region and am well aware of how those two teams are ready to go “full throttle” against ND just like Winston did in the 2nd half against a weak ND secondary. I am not impressed with Coach Kelly on his blame-game against the referees. Coach Saban of Alabama does a much better job of positive coaching after a close loss, which is why he has multiple championships. Kelly’s focus seems deflated with anger and bitterness. Is he going to jump to NFL coaching now that his “dream” of a perfect season is “lost”? His antics define an adult temper-tantrum.

  • Lew Holtes

    Boo hoo