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Police interview three men involved in crime report, find no evidence for abduction

| Tuesday, November 11, 2014

After interviewing the student who reported a robbery and abduction last Saturday and the three men initially considered suspects, Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) said in a statement Tuesday evening there “was no evidence of an abduction” and insufficient evidence for an arrest on robbery charges.

According to the statement, “Notre Dame police interviewed the complainant and three other males involved in a reported robbery and abduction last weekend. The complainant did not enter their vehicle on campus, as he originally reported, but several miles away.”

The original report from NDSP said the male Notre Dame student reported a robbery that allegedly occurred around 2 a.m. Saturday morning. According to a crime alert NDSP sent Saturday afternoon, the student was approached by three men on Notre Dame Avenue between the Morris Inn and Holy Cross Drive.

The statement released Tuesday evening reported, “There was no evidence of an abduction and insufficient evidence to warrant an arrest on robbery or other charges. This case remains under investigation.”

NDSP released photos of the car and the men believed to be suspects Monday night while they were still considered “at large.”

The initial report stated: “One of the men got out of the vehicle and instructed the student to come with them. They demanded money and took the student to a gas station and a grocery store so he could get cash for them. They then brought the student back to campus. No gun was seen, but it was implied that at least one of the three men had a gun. The suspects were described as three black males wearing dark clothing.”


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  • Rebecca B

    Will the “Observer”, as well as the “South Bend Tribune” and the University, now apologize for posting the “pictures” of the-now exonerated abductors?

    And did everyone go a little overboard before all the facts, FACTS, were really known? I mean, not to sound mean, but the story of what happened all seemed rather flimsy to begin with. Where and when was careful consideration made of the allegations before the vigilante posse was convened?

    If I was the guy in the Florida State sweatshirt, I’d sue the University, the “Observer”, and the “South Bend Tribune”.

    • 2xEIC

      Go ahead and sue the University but what are you going to sue The Observer and South Bend Tribune for? The NDSPD Keystone Cops said these guys were suspects. The fact that they didn’t do the crime or that there wasn’t even a crime committed doesn’t make the original story untrue or libel. They were suspects. Go learn some media law. Or go bash the idiot kid who made the allegation in the first place. Demand better from the NDSPD Keystone Cops. I am sure they are well paid to be this incompetent.

    • Rebecca A

      I too am “disgusted” and to demonstrated this “I” am going to use quotation “marks”. Do you want to know the kicker?

      I’m going to press enter twice every “time” I wish to emphasize “something”.

      The point?

      I am angry and spend my time “commenting” on “a college newspaper”.

  • Tyler

    Once again the University jumps on allegations and presents them as fact. Read the original article. No where does it state that the robbery is alleged. This paper needs to seriously step up its journalistic standards.