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Does God hate contraception?

| Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I am a lawyer and a graduate of the University (1969). I recently became belatedly aware of Notre Dame’s lawsuit vs. the United States over Obamacare contraceptive coverage provisions. To say that I was stunned to find that, in 2015, this is an issue to which my alma mater would choose to devote its energy and resources would be an understatement. Are supposedly educated and mature people supposed to believe that God hates contraception? That God insists that everyone, married or not, who engages in intercourse, must play conception lotto, or, more accurately, half of the people, since only one-half can become pregnant? That God does not care whether the baby is wanted or capable of being fed?

An institution calling itself a university goes to this trouble based upon the premise that we know God hates contraception because an elderly man elected by other elderly men supposedly becomes invested with the power to speak directly with God on the subject and has learned that God hates contraception? Some of my classmates still can’t get over the fact that Notre Dame let women be admitted. Given the positions the institution takes, I can’t get over the fact that any would want to enroll.


James Geagan
class of 69′

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  • Johnny Whichard

    Dude…are u addressing abortion in this article?? like, be explicit…. Otherwise, your beef is with the Catechism…in which we will likely agree! 🙂

  • Pro-BC Student

    I am also frustrated by the Church’s extreme approach towards family planning, how women were and are excluded from developing the Church’s teachings that directly affect their reproductive health, and the Church’s willful ignorance of the data that show improved economic and social outcomes for women, reduced abortion rates, and improved outcomes for children all associated with birth control access. However, this article is short-sighted. The Church endorses Natural Family Planning (which is different from the rhythm method); nobody is saying that God insists that people play the “conception lotto.” There are people who are anti-contraception while being anti-welfare; however, claiming that they don’t think God cares whether a child is fed or cared for is jumping to conclusions. I agree that the university is wasting time and resources trying to fight this mandate, but I do not agree that the lawyers are fighting it because they are stupid or hold the hyperbolic beliefs you listed.

    “Given the positions the institution takes, I can’t get over the fact that any would want to enroll.” – With all due respect, Mr. Geagan, you chose to enroll at Notre Dame as well. While the university’s lawsuit is frustrating to me, there are many more positive attributes that Notre Dame has to offer, and I am sure that many other students and alumni feel similarly.

  • Prospective Student

    Mr. Geagan,

    As a woman, I find your stance on contraception upsetting and disconcerting, and as a prospective student, I can assure you that lots of people wish to enroll at Notre Dame. In fact, there were a record number of applicants this year!

    It seems you have some misconceptions about WHY the Catholic Church teaches what it does on contraception. Here’s a link to an article from the United States Council of Catholic Bishops that might clarify some things: http://www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/what-we-believe/love-and-sexuality/.

    Also, here’s an article that explains papal infallibility, which you may be looking for more information on: http://www.catholic.com/tracts/papal-infallibility.

    I believe it is because Notre Dame is a community of such intelligent people that they are able to recognize the importance of this battle and are willing to engage. I am so glad that they have.
    God bless!

    • Nathan

      Good luck with your application. The Notre Dame family would be happy to have you ^_^

  • Tom

    Who told this guy about the internet?

    Just wait until he finds out about the fieldturf.