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Where was ‘America the Beautiful’?

| Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My research shows that the Texas game this past weekend was the first time since the Kennedy assassination that “America the Beautiful” has not been played prior to a home football game.

In the 35 privileged years I have been fortunate enough to have attended Notre Dame football games, this long-standing tradition has inspired me, my family and friends to join hands and sing “America the Beautiful” prior to reunions, tailgates, parties, weddings, rehearsal dinners and funerals.

Omitting “America the Beautiful” from the pre-game ceremonies will sadden my Notre Dame football experience in the future.

Thomas E. Clay
Des Moines, Iowa

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  • eddiemag

    My understanding is that this started several years ago, when the band stopped playing the visiting team’s school song both before and after the game. Something about Coach Kelly wanting to reduce the time his team spent in the locker room after warming up. That combined with “Notre Dame, Our Mother” being played at the end of the game. (BTW, who started that offensive “pointing at Mary” bit at the end? That’s just rude.)

    Sounds like a collaboration between Coach Kelly and the Director of Bands, Dr. Ken Dye, he who gutted the Irish Guard to replace them with band members. I saw a youtube of them the other day. OMG, they’re awful!

    Sad. I’m surprised the university allowed this to happen. ND was recognized as a welcoming place for visiting teams and their guests. They raved about how ND was a wonderful place to watch a game, calling it a classy environment. The playing of their school songs helped to make it memorable for them, showed them respect, AND kept the game in perspective for everyone.

    Guess that’s not important anymore.

    • TheFreshTrumpet

      Well first off, let me say I disagree that the guard is any worse than the old guard. That group was just toxic with hyper masculinity, and new guard members are actually some of the best marchers in the band. Don’t know what video you watched.

      The band’s playing time is strictly regulated by the administration and NCAA. America the Beautiful was cut because the NCAA cut the time for players in the locker room, thus cutting the band’s pregame show. Something had to go

      • eddiemag

        Every person I’ve spoken with who has seen the new “guard” would disagree with you. I gave them the benefit of the doubt until I saw the video from this weekend.

        Sorry, the new guard sux. ♫♪ What tho’ the guard be great or small….. ♫♪

        • TheFreshTrumpet

          If you were in the band before and after the change, you’d understand why they changed the guard and you’d probably support it. Also btw every single member is over 6′ lol

  • John

    I spoke with someone and they said it may have been due to new NCAA restrictions for the time of “pregame celebration”. I don’t know if this is the reason or not but thought I’d just offer it up.

  • I’ve been attending ND football games since 1962, my freshman year. IMO, football games are the wrong place to celebrate patriotism. The stadium deals throughout the country seem to be premised on the notion that when we are together in large numbers, heartfelt support for the political system is easily stirred. What we must never forget is how Mr. Bush stood atop the pile of smoldering collapsed building with his bullhorn and tricked everyone into believing the lies that have cost everyone in the world so much. A further shame was silencing the “Not in Our Name” movement of the families who lost members that day. The worst thing that we must never forget is how we fell for the attack on Iraq, the “shock and awe” cakewalk that began the unholy war against Muslims everywhere. Mr. Bush and Mr. Reagan unapologetically took advantage of us by visiting us and identifying their views with the Church’s blessing. It was appalling that they would serve us so. At least Mr. Obama didn’t get away with it like they did.