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Mazurek: Tebow’s baseball foray is a good thing

| Friday, August 19, 2016

Well this summer didn’t disappoint in sporting happenings.

We saw Cleveland win the NBA championship while Draymond Green couldn’t keep himself out of trouble.

And then we saw superstar Kevin Durant abandon the Thunder and form a super team at Golden State.

We saw Sidney Crosby lead the Penguins to the second Stanley Cup of his career.

We saw an epic duel between Phil Mickelson and Henrik Stenson for the Claret Jug at Royal Troon.

We saw Michael Phelps blow the competition away yet again in Rio and we are seeing the Cubs make what could be a historic run.

Yet despite all these memorable events, the real story of the summer is none other than Tim Tebow.

And if you’re thinking, “Geez, what stupid NFL team signed him this time?” you are in for a treat. Because Tim Tebow announced his foray into … baseball.

Of course, Tebow is 29 years old and has not played baseball full time since he was in high school. There’s no real chance that any MLB team would sign him, even though some teams will come to see him workout.

But the point here isn’t about whether or not Tebow will make a pro roster, the point is that we get more Tebowmania. I always liked Timmy. He was fun to watch at Florida and was robbed of a second Heisman Trophy. His speech after the Ole Miss loss is one of the greatest sports speeches of all-time and regardless of your faith, the fact that he lives his publicly is a bit refreshing in an age of athletes being protective of their private lives.

I will acknowledge his stint in the NFL shows he simply wasn’t talented enough to be an NFL starter, but he did win a playoff game and that’s nothing to scoff at. And there’s a certain level of respect that must be given to someone who pursues their dreams to the utmost of their ability. He could have settled for a high-paying reporting job with ESPN. He could have settled and been a quarterback in the Canadian Football League, the Arena Football League or even played for a Russian team.

But he didn’t. He kept trying and I think the sports world is better off for his efforts, even if he didn’t win a championship or make the Pro Bowl.

And so like the NFL, the MLB won’t pan out for Tim, but the media attention he gets can fuel the dreams of wannabe pros for years to come. With his most recent announcement, Tebow has started selling autographed baseballs and bats on his website, not to mention his new book “Shaken” and, of course, feel free to book him to speak at your next convention.

You can see Tebow as someone who chased his dreams as hard as he could, but came up short. Or you could view Tebow as sticking it to the NCAA for not letting him rack up the money he would have during his time in college. Tebow was one of the few players who could generate massive amounts of revenue before he turned pro and it’s good to see him taking back the success and fame he deserves.

You may not like him as much as I do, or you may not like him at all, but Tebow is here to stay.

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About Marek Mazurek

Marek is a senior history major and is a former resident of Carroll Hall. He has lived in Mishawaka or South Bend for all 21 years of his life and covers Notre Dame football and men's basketball. He has loads of hand-eye coordination but lacks the height to be any good. Marek is also a proud esports supporter.

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  • Dbom

    “I will acknowledge his stint in the NFL shows he simply wasn’t talented enough to be an NFL starter…”

    Cause as we know, the NFL *always* shuns 2nd year QBs with a huge fan base and a miraculous season capped off with one of the most exciting playoff games ever (including 3 NFL post season records) to play punt protecter the next year…

    And then never start again…


    Of course he wasn’t or isn’t as talented as Dan Orlavky or Blaine Gabbert or Landry Jones. That’s why they are playing NFL QB and Tebow isn’t.

    Lack of Talent.

    Got ya.

  • David

    Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Tim Tebow didn’t play well in the NFL. It’s a lie.
    Tim Tebow scored more TDs than Tom Brady in 109 fewer pass attempts.
    In their first 16 games,
    Brady threw 18 TDs in 483 attempts with 13 ints and won the super bowl.
    Tebow threw 19 TDs in 374 attempts with 9 ints
    Tebow scored 37% more often per attempt than Tom Brady
    Tebow added 15 rushing scores and 937 yards rushing.
    Tebow scored 79% more times than Brady.
    The NFL took their ball and went home crying and refused to play him again.
    Tebow had a 47.3% completion percentage throwing 15.3 yards per completion.
    Brady had a 63.9% completion percentage throwing 10.6 yards per completion.
    Tebow scored every 19.6 attempts and Brady scored every 26.8 attempts.
    Brady has scored every 18.2 attempts in his career.
    Throwing 31% longer passes works better than dinking and dunking for a completion percentage.
    Tebow did this with the second worst team in the NFL, the 4-12 Broncos. Brady was on the best team.
    Your article about revenue sharing in the NFL points out another problem. It allows the league to hire inferior QBs and market mediocrity and ignore what the fans want to see because the owners don’t lose money when they lose games. They could afford to keep Sam Bradford, who has never scored more than 22 times in a season or had a winning season, while blacklisting Tim Tebow who scored 34 times in his first season with a conference title and a playoff win. If revenue sharing was based on winning games, Tim Tebow would be playing in the NFL if it was about good football and winning games. But, the NFL is a politically correct organization involved in social engineering like the homosexual agenda, anti-gun rights, feminism, and other forms of anarchy against social norms and anti-American activities. Now you can add the BLM cop killers to the list of things that the NFL will support. They’ll hire and rehire wife beaters, child beaters, accused rapists, alcoholics, drug abusers and dog killers while refusing to hire Tebow because he might offend Jews and Muslims by mentioning his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That’s why they refused to play Tebow who thanks the Lord Jesus Christ in press conferences.