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Donald Trump and politcal correctness

| Wednesday, October 12, 2016

There is a severe political correctness problem in America. Safe spaces, trigger warnings and microaggressions are constructs utilized to suppress free speech and prevent meaningful discussion. However, such absurd creations are simply tangible representations of the aggressively pervasive aura of political correctness in America. Political correctness is not just a problem facing college campuses, but America as a whole. There is an absolute need to put an end to such a fascist trend. With that said, the solution to ending such a movement is not Donald Trump. In fact, the blatant offensiveness of Trump’s rhetoric only adds to the problem. It is imperative that all those who wish to halt political correctness and restore the sanctity of free speech in America reject such rudeness as the solution, and instead embrace the value of meaningful intellectual dialogue.

Donald Trump is often labeled “refreshing.” He seems to be the opposite of any mainstream politician. He delivers unprepared and unfiltered speeches, a spectacle unprecedented in recent political history. However, people all too often make the mistake of associating such a lack of a filter with the virtuous qualities of authenticity and honesty. Trump has even been labeled the “anti-PC” candidate by many, including most of the media. However, Trump is not authentic, transparent or anti-PC; he is just a jerk.  

Being against political correctness is not about hurling insults or demeaning groups of people. Certainly, Trump has the right to make vulgar remarks, but those who are truly against political correctness should not champion such disgusting comments. Opposing political correctness is about standing up for the right to engage in honest, intellectual debate, not about opposing basic civility and respect for others.

One could argue that Trump’s rhetoric, while claimed by many to damage politically correct culture, only aids the so called “PC police.” Trump’s racist remarks against Mexicans, his many sexist and lewd proclamations against women, his insults against war veterans and countless others of his verbal atrocities are essentially gifts to those in the politically correct camp. This is because every time Trump says something contemptible, he claims to be doing so to spite the notion of political correctness. Thus, people associate such repulsive rhetoric with the anti-PC movement. This helps the politically correct tyrants tremendously. Donald Trump, through insulting masses of people in the name of opposing political correctness, tarnishes the reputation of all those who are tirelessly and righteously standing up for the first amendment.

We must reject Trumpism as a viable solution to the epidemic of political correctness.

Refuting political correctness should be about speaking truths, no matter how controversial, in order to foster necessary dialogue about important issues. It should not be about spouting personal attacks and hurling third-grade level insults. Donald Trump is not at all representative of those who are against political correctness. Let’s not let him speak for us.

The views expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.

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About Eddie Damstra

Eddie is a junior from Orland Park, Illinois. He is majoring in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Constitutional Studies and plans on pursuing law school after his time as an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame.

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  • RandallPoopenmeyer

    Bwahaha, sounds like you are insulted. Who is PC now?
    Eddie you are such a loser. No one is stopping thou from being a jerk.
    You have a right to offend, and I have a right to tell you that you are stupid for offending.
    Such a baby.

    • That’s a little uncalled for Randall, don’t you think?

      Or will you default to a Brian Kelly defense: “In the heat of the moment, I tend to…” blah-blah-blah?

      • RandallPoopenmeyer

        Nope, perfectly acceptable considering that is what Eddie wants, right. He wants people to stop being PC. So he is dumb!!!

  • Bush O’Neill

    I, for one, am sick of the false portrayal perpetuated by Fox News and similar conservative media outlets: Donald trump is “anti-PC.”

    This could not be further from the truth.

    Trump not only has an extensive history of well-known business deals with the Microsoft Corporation, but has actually gone on record to praise the “unparalleled user friendliness” and “superior interface” of Windows 11 software. It’s time for us to put an end to the blatant lies. The pubic has plenty of reason to believe that after putting the toupé back in its glass case each night, the Don slips into his PJ’s and snuggles comfortably between who else but Bill and Melinda Gates. Connect the dots, see the PiCture.

  • RandallPoopenmeyer

    People whining about those being PC are themselves being PC.
    You get to be a jerk, and I get to call you out fire being a jerk.
    Those decrying PC people just want the world to accept them for being jerks.
    You, Eddie, are being the most PC of all right now.

  • João Pedro Santos

    “There is a severe political correctness problem in America. Safe spaces, trigger warnings and microaggressions are constructs utilized to suppress free speech and prevent meaningful discussion.”
    False. False. False.
    Safe spaces and trigger warnings exist so that oppressed groups can have their voices heard instead of being silenced by the some people who falsely claim to defend free speech. Free speech doesn’t include giving a platform to bigots or accepting them in an online forum. If bigots want to spread their hateful ideas, they have the rest of the world to do so.