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I am not

| Monday, November 14, 2016

I am not a racist.

I am not a sexist.

I am not a xenophobe.

I am not a homophobe.

I’m an American who tries to be a good person. I’m an American who does his best to treat all those around him with the respect they deserve. I’m an American who believes that while our system of governance is not perfect, it is our system and it works. And I trust that it will continue to work as it has for the last 200 years. I’m an American who voted for Donald Trump.

I’m an American who believes in law and order. I’m an American who believes that history cannot be forgotten or rejected. I’m an American who does not fear a Donald Trump presidency; I’m an American who did not fear a Hillary Clinton presidency. I’m an American who recognizes the limits of the presidency.

I’m an American who believes that America is great; that America was great; that America always will be great. I’m an American that also believes that America has not recently been great in the way that Donald Trump wants it to be great. I’m an American who did not believe that America was not great in the way that Barack Obama wanted to fundamentally change America to make it great. But I’m an American who could not be prouder to be an American.

I’m an American who believes that America is tired of the same-old, same-old. Hillary Clinton is the same-old, same-old. Whether or not President Trump will be a success or not is unknown, but he is anything but the same-old, same-old. I’m an American who is excited and nervous for the next four years. But I am an American who is not afraid. I’m an American who knows that President Trump will surround himself with experienced advisors and cabinet members. I’m an American who knows that President Trump will be unable to act unilaterally in most situations. I’m an American who believes that President Trump will not overstep his executive powers, that he will act within his constitutional bounds and work with Congress in achieving his goals for the country. I’m no more afraid of President Trump having both houses of Congress within his party than I was of Barack Obama having that same setup in his first two years. I’m an American who trusts the American system of government.

I’m an American who believes in federalism. I’m an American who does not think the Electoral College should be abolished. I’m an American who knows that this is not the first time the College’s vote and the popular vote did not align. I’m an American who believes that was the result of Hillary Clinton’s limited popularity and not because of an ineffective system. I’m an American who believes the Electoral College maintains state powers and sovereignty. I’m an American who believes that President Trump won rightfully.

I am not a racist.

I am not a sexist.

I am not a xenophobe.

I am not a homophobe.

I am an American.

An American who has been appalled by the way he has been treated by people who claim their motto is to “go high.” By people who claim to desire peace and understanding and open-mindedness. By people who claim love trumps hate. I’m an American, though, who is not entirely surprised by this treatment. Understanding and open-mindedness are too often reserved only for those who think the same way as they do. Only for those whom they believe are on the “right” side of things. I’m an American who believes we all have rights to our opinions, to our beliefs, to what we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts.

I don’t know what Donald Trump holds nearest and dearest to his heart; I cannot know the man’s soul. But I know my own heart, I know my own beliefs and I have made them known before and will not be silent about them simply to pacify those around me. For months I have listened to others chant the praises of Hillary Clinton, but I have not personally attacked anyone for their beliefs. I’ve been told that I’m a sexist and a bigot and a hateful person for not supporting her — or for supporting President Trump. I voted for Marco Rubio in the primary; Donald Trump was not my first choice. But I’m an American with viewpoints that far more aligned with his than they ever would with Hillary Clinton’s. What was most important to me would be best-accomplished by Trump. I’m an American who had every right to that belief; it could never be taken from me. I’m an American who did not deserve to fear expressing that belief.

On Tuesday night, I was viciously attacked for posting a tame status on Facebook that pointed out that America had spoken and chosen a president. I’m an American who knows that we will all never agree on so many things. I’m an American who believes political discourse is good and proper. I’m an American who believes vitriol and hatred and protests are unproductive and far more dangerous and disgusting than anything Trump has done or proposed to do. I’m an American who knows that violence of any sort against others for their religion, their race, their sexual orientation is wrong; I’m an American who knows that violence against a person for simply supporting President Trump is also wrong.

I’m an American who thought friendships and family bonds would always be stronger than political disagreement. I’m an American who is saddened to learn he was wrong.

Donald Trump is my president.

Donald Trump is your president.

Donald Trump is our president.

Donald Trump is America’s president.

I’m proud to be an American, yesterday, today and always.

God bless this great country.

God bless us all. May He bring us peace and understanding.


Matthew Linnabary 

second year law student

Nov. 11

The views expressed in this Letter to the Editor are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.

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  • Punta Venyage

    Nice post Matthew. The left is undergoing major cognitive dissonance right now because 1) they thought they were smart and well informed, 2) they fell for the propaganda of Trump is “literally Hitler” 3) they thought it was near impossible that he would win

    Now that he won, it is creating cognitive dissonance on a scale rarely seen before. To explain the Trump victory, Liberals have to either abandon the idea that they are well-informed (which hurts their self image) and realize that they have been propagandised, or they have to believe either A) the Trump supporters are idiots that have no idea that they have elected Hitler 2.0 or B) the Trump supporters knew exactly that they were electing Hitler 2.0 and are hateful people who need to be defeated (this is what we’re seeing with the communist rioters and the instances of violence against Trump supportes)

    So while I like that you are going out of your way to tell liberals that you are not sexist/racist/xenophonic/etc , they are unlikely to listen to you because many of them have been so cognitively prepped/conditioned (think Ivan Pavlov and the dogs) that they can’t view things critically outside of the lenses of identity politics.

    Agreeing with you that you are not s/r/x would clash against the indoctrination of “those opposing the left are s/r/x” and would also require humility in one to admit to himself that he was not as well informed as he once thought.

    TLDR: Put simply, it would hurt the average liberal’s self image too much to admit that Trump won based on logic-driven arguments that they failed to consider. It’s easier in their fantasy world to smear you as a “racist/sexist/xenophobe” rather than confront the facts and learn something new.

    • buster01

      Please explain to all of the uninformed “liberals” what the “logic-driven arguments that they failed to consider” were.

      • Punta Venyage

        Sure. Pick an issue and I’ll give you the rationale.

        • buster01

          Sorry to disappoint you, but you were the one who made the bold statement about uninformed liberals. I want any and all of your logical arguments, if any.

          • Punta Venyage

            It takes two to tango. I’ll give you one issue for starters, and if you respond then we can move on to another.

            General points on Middle Eastern foreign policy

            * Hillary Clinton has been largely involved and would have continued our disastrous and costly Bush/Obama regime change policy in the Middle East
            * Saudi Arabia has a battle of influence with Iran, and since the Saudis have bought US interests, we help them in their influence over the region. Syria was in their way, and there was much money and power to be made from destabilizing the region. We therefore, helped take down Assad (and “bad man attacking his people” is just a front you give to the public in lieu of giving them your primary motives. We did this with Saddam Hussein in Iraq as well)
            * Destabilization in Libya and Syria ==> creation and strengthening of ISIS , and Syrian refugee crisis
            * These wars are incredibly costly both in terms of money and casualties. Do you think they have been beneficial to the American people? Please enlighten me

            * The most logical way to handle the Syrian refugees (at least that has been presented in public discourse) is to help them resettle in refugee camps in the Middle East (i.e. Jordan), where it’s INCREDIBLY more cost effective AND it would lead to a better transition back home.
            – Hillary wants to increase Syrian refugees admitted into the US by 500% relative to Obama. A large proportion of those flooding Europe and US are young fighting age men and not women and children. Furthermore, our enemies have claimed that they will exploit these channels, and they already have
            – We now have clear empirical evidence of the disaster in Europe through the Syrian refugee crisis where rape of Eurpoean women is at skyrocketing, there are increased instances of robbery and violence, and there is a clear cultural clash (because treating women purely as your property or things to be used isn’t exactly compatible with Western values)

            * Hillary and the establishment have also been fueling up the Anti-Russian rhetoric incredibly this last year, and tensions were at an all time high since the Cold War. War with Russia is not something good for you or me, I hope we would agree, and especially since Russia is doing nothing to the US. Ironically, in light of the Anti-Trump propaganda, we are going to be far less likely to engage in war with a massive world power, like Russia, than we would have with war-mongering Hillary.

            * Hillary supported the Iran deal and has regarded it as one of greatest achievements, a decision showing incredibly poor judgement (or perhaps a disregard for the American people for the sake of financial interest). Iran, commonly celebrating “Death to America” on its media and by the thousands, is now becoming an economic powerhouse and will have nuclear capabilities in roughly a decade, but probably sooner. And why would we ever allow this to happen? Oh yeah, because there is money to be made for special interests who can now sell their equipment and infrastructure to Iran. Not bad if you’re a Boeing or Airbus investor.

            * Hillary has taken massive amounts of money from Saudi Arabia both through her pay-to-play foundation and her campaign .(and they also funded roughly a fifth of her presidential campaign) Her top aide, Huma Abdein, who helped her set up her unsecured private server which jeopardized national security-in addition to really doing everything of substance for her-lived in Saudi Arabia for 16 years before moving back to the states and starting her career with Hillary via the internship she had at the same time Monica had the internship with Bill.

            ^Hillary’s ties to the Saudi’s are so deep that she is incapable of prioritizing the American people’s interest first above all else.

            Our top priority militarily should be to ensure safety and wellbeing of the American people. The “War on Terror” that we started with GWB has not eliminated terror, but rather increased it EXPONENTIALLY.

            Trump offers a change to our policies in the Middle East (Russia has already indicated a renewed desire since his election to find a peaceful solution in Syria so that we concentrate on taking down ISIS), and more importantly he takes preserving Western values of freedom, equality, and high standards of living SERIOUSLY.

            There are cultures out there that execute gays, persecute religious minorities, and physically beat women as common manner of living, and I stand on the side that is against these things.

            The common liberal side of this is a combination of naivete and brainwashing (and it’s clear in why military and law enforcement support Trump by immense margins) :

            “I feel like more loving person when I support Hillary, because she is team love and Trump is team hate! Love trumps hate! And Trump would nuke the entire world once he gets the nuclear codes! My subconscious understanding of the Syrian refugee crisis is that they are all essentially 5 year olds and women who are facing near-death critical conditions, and we shouldn’t demand other more constructive solutions then massively importing them to the West, because supporting this solution makes me feel like a really good person!! Hillary told me that she would never let anyone in unless we can vet them, even though the Obama administration has already been doing so, but it’s okay because #I’mWithHer! Decades of experience with so many achievements that I can’t be bothered to name one, and a track record of integrity backed by a complete lack of scandals! And let’s not forget… first female president! Yay!”

          • buster01

            It is great that you chose the Middle East and immigration. Noted is that you have not mentioned our president elect, Trump hardly at all, but instead have chosen to attack Hillar Clinton.

            Oddly enough you have lumped Bush and Obama together. This is hard to understand, but then your writing on the issue is filled with insinuation, innuendo and diatribe.

            It is as if you have decided that Libya and Syria were destabilized by US foreign policy. I hardly think this is the case.

            Again you make a bold claim that the war on terror has increased terrorism exponentially. What is your answer to fighting terror? Deport all Muslims?

            Oh, the Saudi connection… You assert that the US helped take down Assad in Syria. Really? Last time that I checked Assad was still a Russian puppet.

            “There are cultures out there that execute gays, persecute religious minorities, and physically beat women as common manner of living, and I stand on the side that is against these things.” I am actually in concurrence with this part of your post.

            Oddly you believe that liberals are brainwashed and naive. It’s sad that certain folks project their poor qualities onto others. The definition of a liberal is one who is willing to consider and possibly accept new and novel ideas. This definition is in direct conflict with you idea that liberals are brainwashed and naive.

            Did you happen to notice the “Brown Shirts” at the Trump rallies? It is likely that you were of the opinion that the hecklers should be kicked out by physical means. Bullying and violence pervaded many Trump rallies. Why do you think this happened?

            Let’s talk e-mail since there are no other red herrings out there. Really, e-mail?

            How about climate change? Trump has denied climate change, and has stated that it is a political contrivance. Really?

            I really want to know just what a conservative is conserving? Environment? Not likely. Health of the masses? Hardly. It has become increasingly clear that the conservation that conservatives desire is that of the old guard and their money. Cut taxes for the wealthy! That is sure to help balance the budget and get the masses back to work.

            See you on down the road.

          • buster01


          • Punta Venyage

            Quick comments, in random order:

            – The classical definition of “liberal” is not the pragmatic definition we see in society. Many examples of changing definitions, but you are playing petty semantics

            – Violence at Trump rallies was done mentally ill individuals who were paid by Democrats. Did you not see the Project Veritas leaks?

            – The US armed the Syrian rebel army. Many of which are now ISIS. We helped take down Assad, this is basically unanimous consensus, and your expression of incredulity at the though is completely moronic

            – Yes, the email scandal is one of significant gravity for national security. Maybe you should study up on it and really consider the ramifications.

            – Climate change (previously know as “global warming”, now renamed in an all-encompassing fashion), now that’s a red herring that we can avoid!

            I would like to know, since you indirectly defended our policy in the Middle East but didn’t really give reasons as to why… What do you think was the purpose of our meddling in the Middle East? Did we achieve it? Have the pros outweighed the cons?

          • buster01

            Clearly from your ideas and responses you are quite naive. Possibly you are even very young.

            You assert that I play petty semantics when in fact your ideas are petty.

            Violence at Trump rallies was done by mentally ill persons? Really? You should be an expert on mental illness, but I hardly think that making a bold statement qualifies as truth.

            You still contend that Assad has been “taken down” when in fact he is as I have previously stated a puppet of Russia.

            Again regarding e-mail you assert that there was significant gravity for national security, however, no leak has been proven. Granted, it is possible that all e-mail is compromised. I do believe that the FBI head, Comey, found now wrong-doing.

            Apparently you do not believe that climate change is anything more than a red herring. How naive and absurd that idea is.

            You don’t seem to know why George W. Bush decided to invade Iraq?
            After 9/11 attacks the US acted like a blinded bully and went after Sadam Hussein with the trumped-up idea that he harbored weapons of mass destruction. Certainly you should be able to answer your own naive questions regarding goal achievement.

            As information, your Project Veritas is a right-wing, red-neck propaganda outfit.


          • Punta Venyage

            Thank you for your response buster. I appreciate the feedback in engaging on the issues. Though we disagree on priorities of focus and interpretations of the facts, we have been willing to engage in discussion of the issues, as people should do more often.

          • buster01

            Bueno, Punta

          • buster01

            Bueno, Punta!

    • PM

      See my comments above about how my lovely Catholic niece was treatened by the KKK the day after Trump’s victory. What have you let loose on this country? Thank goodness my family members are wealthy enough to be able to move out of the South. What about people who don’t have the resources to move. You all voted for a white supremacist for president and now Catholics are going to suffer the consequences. God forgive and bless you.

      • Punta Venyage

        I can’t tell if you’re being sincere or not, but my prayers go out to anyone facing real persecution from hate groups.

        Groups like the KKK and Black panthers are extremist fringe groups that don’t represent the average person, so I’m not seeing how this is at all relevant, other than the media conjured up these images deliberately.

        What’s sad is that the liberals have slanderously associated KKK imagery with Trump (see the DNC intro video) and have fueled vitriolic hatred which is completely uncalled for. It is unbelievable the depth of hatred these media of elites have manufactured.

        And regarding the KKK, it’s ironic because…
        *Google:* “Hillary Clinton Robert Byrd”

        • PM

          The other kids said to her “now that we don’t have a ‘n…r’ president and Trump will be president, you Catholics need to move out of the south. This is not the media. It’s what happened to my own family. So, you don’t believe me. That’s okay. God bless.

          • Punta Venyage

            Again, my prayers go out to anyone facing real persecution from hate groups.

            What does this have to do with anything?

            Blaming Trump for the actions of these people is like blaming you for priests that sexually abuse children.

            Notice how the fact that I even talk about it using that example is unfair to Catholicism because it makes seem like a more widespread problem than it actually is. It’s because that’s where I just focused your attention. But this is exactly what the media does.

            But to the main point:

            People should be held responsible for their own actions.
            (And that includes our own actions!!! Whether you succeed or fail is your responsibility – this is one of the key differences between the left and right. The left likes to externalize responsibility)

          • PM

            I hope you will think more about all of this.

  • warmupthediesel

    This needed to be written! Nice piece!

    • PM

      Surely you are not a Christian. So sad to see in an article like this in a Catholic University newspaper. Members of my family live in North Carolina and are Catholic. They have been threatened during the past week by KKK members because of their Catholicism. This is because Trump has emboldened the KKK. Think about his. Now my Catholic family members have to move. All because people like you supported a white supremacist and highly prejudiced candidate for president. So very sad. How would you feel if your Catholic daughter came home from high school absolutely terrified because of threats by the KKK the day after Trump was elected? What have you set loose in this country?

      • warmupthediesel

        so you saw my comment and thought to yourself “Hey! I’ll pick a fight with that guy!”….. no thanks, PM. I don’t need to join in your misery.

        • PM

          But still my lovely Catholic niece came home from school absolutely terrified and shaking all over because KKK members had threatened her and said that now that Trump was president, Catholics needed to move out of the south. What do you think of that?

          • PM

            Well, I guess you’re not Catholic so you don’t care…?

          • warmupthediesel

            Take your ad hominem attention-seeking comments elsewhere.
            We can all agree that the KKK is bad. I’m sorry they are a threat to your family. Godspeed.

          • PM

            Thank you. I am very worried about my family. Goodnight and God bless.

          • PM

            P.S. it’s not attention seeking. It’s just a simple truth of what has happened in the past week.

          • PM

            P.S. Here is the response Trump supporters should give:
            This is awful. I am so sorry for your family. It is unfortunate that the KKK has interpreted the Trump election as reason to be emboldened. Know that as a Trump supporter I am totally opposed to the KKK and will encourage Mr. Trump to do everything he can to oppose the KKK and support Catholics. Thank you for letting me know about this horrific occurrence. We stand with you and your family.

      • João Pedro Santos

        I’m sorry to hear that. It makes no sense for Catholic people to support a candidate who was endorsed by the KKK. There are more candidates other than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

        • Gunnar Anderson

          Who cares who the KKK endorses? Trump solicited no endorsement from them. That’s about as illogical as saying it matters that Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian endorsed Hillary Clinton. Does that mean that Clinton was in the pocket of Miley and Kim? Uh….no.

          • João Pedro Santos

            Last time I checked Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian weren’t terrorists.

  • Daniel Esparza

    I think there’s a common misconception by what “liberals” mean when they call out Trump supporters in that way. Being discriminatory towards others based on their race, gender, etc. doesn’t necessarily entail direct actions of oppression. If someone is being beaten on the street for being transgender, and I elect not to help them despite being able to, I am complicit in their beating and have validated the transphobic act.

    The difference here is that the hate crimes are performed out-of-view. Given the option to perpetuate these crimes with the bribe of superior domestic economic plans and a shake to the “establishment,” you chose to take that offer. Not necessarily because you hate transfolk, but because their lives mattered so little to you that you were willing to set aside their immediate safety in return for someone who’s policy would improve transient labor conditions for domestic industrial workers.

    I want to be clear that I do agree that there’s really no use in calling people names for doing this sort of thing. As a Maoist, I recognize the material interests of working class members in the US, and that it was in their best interest to support a candidate who would improve those conditions. Either way, acting upon those interests would, for people like me and many who supported Hillary, constitute an immoral act.

    This does not mean that you’re a fascist; I’m well-aware that many of Trump’s supporters, as well as Trump himself, are not fascists. Unfortunately, a large portion of his power base came from rising white nationalist groups, both in the US and in GB. Fascists happened to support him, and knowing what they hope to do should their attitudes become validated, I can never stand on the same side as them. As a labor aristocrat, this makes me a “class traitor.” Based on my material conditions, I should have supported Trump, but my love for those marginalized and members of the 3rd world, as well as my disdain for everything fascist, got in the way.

  • Gunnar Anderson

    You can’t convice people that racism is not present who want to see racism everywhere. Some simply see all life events through a prism that others do not. Tthis prism or set of looking glasses is a result of experiences, social or political conditioning, misunderstanding, or propaganda. Whether people heard Trump’s statement as “They (Mexicans) are rapists” instead of There are rapists” (and there are, rape trees where coyotes prey on the people who pay them to lead them across the border) all depends on the prism you view life through. People who heard or chose to hear “They are rapists” seem to refuse to believe that there could be any other interpretation. This basic misunderstanding is the root of the entire conflict.

  • João Pedro Santos

    You may not be racist, sexist, a xenophobe or a homophobe. However, you had no problem in voting for someone who is all those things, which makes you an accomplice. By other words, what you say is: “I have nothing against women, blacks, latinos, immigrants or gay people. I just don’t care if something bad happens to them.”

    • Gunnar Anderson

      False assumption that Trump is a racist or is against women, blacks, latinos or immigrants. You are seeing what you want to see, not what is.

      • João Pedro Santos

        Are these “false assumptions”? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37zvOZ17eSE

        • Punta Venyage

          A montage of ’10 horrible insults by Trump’
          All taken horribly out of context

          i.e. The first one is the overly-twisted comment on some illegal immigrants coming from Mexico that are criminals and rapists (a subset of a subset of a subset…..), but the libs collectivize and extrapolate, twisting it into an attack on all people from Mexico.

          I know she is more or less irrelevant now, but I do wonder, since you are stocked with Anti-Trump YouTube videos, how often did you consider Anti-Hillary Clinton videos? Have you even watched any? There is a plethora of content, whether it was her calculated lies, her numerous scandals over the last 3 decades, her psychotic health issues, her outbursts of anger, etc.

          If you don’t evaluate both sides of every story, you shouldn’t believe that you are informed.

      • João Pedro Santos

        Another “false assumption”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzYv5foyAS8

        • Punta Venyage

          Either you’re blinded by confirmation bias with this one or you are intentionally trying to deceive

      • João Pedro Santos

        Trump admitting to have committed sexual assault: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IY8FwWwIVyQ

        • Punta Venyage

          I’ve dealt with this before, but again…

          Calling this “sexual assault” is propaganda and a flat-out lie.

          What really happened

          1) A man jokes crudely but PRIVATELY with another man
          2) What is ultimately the content of his joke?

          billionaires/rockstars/celebrities are surrounded by
          “groupies”/”golddiggers”/a very specific SUBSET of women who are
          attracted to the status, fame, power, and wealth. (Think Mick Jagger and
          groupies throwing their clothes on stage) . This subset encourages and
          craves attention from said billionaires/rockstars/celebrities.

          makes braggadocious remark essentially equating to “I’m so cool my
          groupies would let me do anything to them if I wanted to”

          Words ≠ Actions . This is very common error made by liberals. (i.e.
          Yelling “You suck!” is nowhere near the same thing as punching somebody.
          Yet extremist liberals have been responsible for more violence this
          election cycle because they feel they need to respond to words, or at
          least the media’s presentation of them).

          At the end of the
          tapes, as Trump walks out of the bus, he handles himself as a total
          gentleman in front of the women (doesn’t fit the narrative of
          predator…), and in the whole, it’s incredibly unlikely that Trump
          would risk his business and fortune and randomly and *forcibly* grab
          groupies by the p–. If you saw this for the first time without being
          primed and brainwashed, you would clearly see that it’s a joke

          Are we really pretending that we live in some Victorian society where
          no one has ever heard or said anything vulgar like this before? The
          irony is that the left supports things like graphically teaching junior
          high children about an*l s*x, but then feign outrage at something
          trivial like this

          5) Billy Bush is Jeb Bush’s cousin. I wonder who leaked the tapes…

      • João Pedro Santos

        “False assumption” that Trump is sexist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE1wRL-BRo0

        • Punta Venyage

          You selectively present facts while ignoring those that destroy your narrative.

          First off, basic logic (the part ≠ the whole)

          Trump attacks Carly Fiorina ≠ Trump hates women

          Secondly, here are some facts that you need to put in your mental operating system:

          Trump’s campaign was led by Kellyanne Conway, the first woman to lead a successful presidential campaign. His daughter Ivanka (a woman) is running his business. Trump employs more women than men at the upper levels of his real estate empire. Trump has high praises from his female employees. etc.

    • Gunnar Anderson

      So if that’s your argument that means Hillary is an accomplice to rape because (we assume) she voted for Bill Clinton who was accused of rape and sexual assault. See: Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones

      • João Pedro Santos

        I didn’t defend Hillary Clinton. Stop with your false dilemmas.

  • PM

    You “protest too much, methinks.” You may think you aren’t a sexist, racist, homophobe, or xenophobe, but you sure sound like one. Else, why would you feel like you need to protest so strongly that you aren’t?
    I’m a lilly white woman with a husband and 3 kids and I would never be so bold as to say I wasn’t a sexist, racist, homophobe, or xenophobe. i can only try my best not to be any of these abhorrent things. We all have some biases. So, anyone who screams that they aren’t biased is perhaps too smug.
    Certainly, you don’t sound like a Christian. Christ was humble. You should be too.
    God bless you and grant you the wisdom to re-evaluate yourself and your beliefs. Christianity means humility. It doesn’t mean saying you are perfect. Surely none of us is as perfect as you seem to think you are. So very sad.

  • John H. Gleason

    Please stop saying, “I’m not this bad thing” and “I’m not that bad thing.” Simply explain why voting for Trump was preferable to voting for the phony, corrupt left-winger he was running against. (By the way, for any devout Catholic, choosing Trump over Hillary Clinton should have been an easy choice. Think in terms of the lesser of two evils.)

    • João Pedro Santos

      LOL Clinton is not left-wing. And by the way, Pope Francis disagree with you as well as Catholics who suffered at the hands of the KKK (which endorsed Drumpf).

  • John H. Gleason

    And another thing, Matthew!…At a Catholic university, you should point out that Hillary Clinton is among the most radical pro-abortion politicians in the country. She has defended the “right” to abort a child even in the last days of pregnancy. She said in April 2015 that religious beliefs contrary to abortion “have to be changed.” She vowed that she, if elected, would work to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which forbids federal funding of abortions. Yes, if Clinton had her way, taxpayers would be forced to pay for the killing of unborn babies. In 2009, Clinton received the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading advocate for a right to kill unborn babies. None of these things is true of Donald Trump, who (in recent years) has claimed to be pro-life. Remember, Matthew, think in terms of the lesser of two evils.

    • João Pedro Santos

      “She has defended the “right” to abort a child even in the last days of pregnancy.”
      There’s no “abortion in the last days of pregnancy”. That’s called a C-section. Please learn about basic women’s health before making idiotic statements.

      • Robert Jones

        Do you have anything better to do than spread your brainwashed propaganda on the Observer page?

        • João Pedro Santos

          Wow, are you that much anti-science that you even oppose C-sections?

          • Robert Jones

            No–I am commenting on all of your passive aggressive, narrow minded comments. To you, all open discussion is encouraged only if it conforms to your beliefs. I hope you spend your time better than just attacking people on the Observer comment section

          • João Pedro Santos

            You seem to be the one here “attacking”. Your answers are in no way related to the topic and basically consist on personal attacks. In your own words… don’t you have anything better to do than attacking people because they don’t believe in your brainwashed propaganda?

  • João Pedro Santos

    4) Try making up better lies.

  • Jerry Beckett

    Outstanding letter, Matthew.