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Trump delenda est

| Wednesday, November 2, 2016

In the wake of Trump’s taped admission of sexual assault, a smoldering rebellion burst into flame. Many Republican senators, governors, congresswomen, congressmen and Senate nominees withdrew their endorsements and called for Donald Trump to step down, while many more unequivocally condemned him for his remarks.

However, many Democrats and “Never Trump” Republicans have been quick to ask the obvious question. Were these 18 Republican senators who have called for Trump to step down truly ignorant of the nature of this candidate?   When Trump demonized an entire faith and proposed blatantly unconstitutional restrictions on Muslim immigration, why did they stand by him? When Trump frequently and repeatedly dismissed his political opponents and critics with sexism and racism, did they hear him? Were they silent when Trump courted the alt-right, abandoned any commitment to shrinking the size of government, rejected Republican arguments for religious liberty, promised to garnish the wages of Mexicans working the United States and threatened a trade war with China?

They were terrified of Trump and his voters, of the Republican National Committee and its power to imperil their funding, committee spots, and re-election chances.  As the east coast went to bed, Senator Mike Lee called upon Donald Trump to step down as the Republican nominee. Yet the true call to action that Republicans heard was: be not afraid. As the most conservative senator in the nation finished his remarks, many Republicans — who lacked the courage to lead a conservative revival — showed at least the courage to follow Lee.

There are many who recognize the gravity of Trump’s crimes, denounce his sexism, racism and Islamophobia, and reject the majority of his policies both foreign and domestic, yet insist that all conservatives must unite behind Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton. They correctly note that RNC Chair Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan are unwilling to start the uncertain and dangerous process of forcing out a nominee, while Donald Trump has no intention of stepping down himself.

Since Republican leadership lacks the courage of Senator Lee, I would advise Republicans to unite behind Evan McMullin. While Trump supports the religious liberty of neither Christians nor Muslims, Evan McMullin reaches out to the social conservatives and Muslims Trump has abandoned. McMullin promises to show compassion to refugees and strength to Russia. McMullin respects our veterans after years of military service, understands America’s security challenges from his years in the Central Intelligence Agency and is ready to sign conservative legislation from the congressmen and congresswomen he advised as the House GOP Policy Director.

Republicans must not allow Trump to remake the party in his own image: marginalizing social issues, spending cuts and reduced federal authority in favor of a restrictive immigration policy, protectionism and a confused and immoral foreign policy. Religious leaders must not sacrifice their credibility before their congregations, young voters, women and minorities by embracing Donald Trump. I commend those who have retracted their former statements. Before we imperil unprecedented conservative power at the state level, lose our majorities in the House and Senate, damage the credibility of our conservative organizations and taint our future presidential candidates, we must consider an alternative. I urge my fellow conservatives to vote their conscience. I urge them to vote for Evan McMullin.


Tom Olohan
Class of 2016
Nov. 1

The views expressed in this Letter to the Editor are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.

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  • Gary

    Dr. Janet Smith, who used to teach at Notre Dame, has a thoughtful article on voting this election, as a Catholic:


    • RandallPoopenmeyer

      No… no intelligent thoughts come from Catholics who want to vote for Trump.

      • João Pedro Santos

        No intelligent thoughts come from people who want to vote for Trump. Regardless of their religion.

        • RandallPoopenmeyer

          That is more accurate

          • Brendan

            This is probably the first time in my life that I agreed with either of you.

  • João Pedro Santos

    “rejected Republican arguments for religious liberty”
    I didn’t know that policing restrooms was “religious liberty”. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day…

  • Brendan

    Precisely, I’m glad so many Republicans have recognized him for who he is and spoken up. Those who do not will be tainted. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/440742/donald-trump-supporters-self-delusion

  • Punta Venyage

    You are brainwashed by what the press presents and your desire to think critically about the events of this election appears completely absent. The talking points you have outlined are directly verbatim from propaganda created by the political establishment. Do you not have an original perspective on the issues or are you content portraying yourself as a parrot who repeats what his master tells him unquestionably? I tend to believe we all have the ability to look past propaganda and think critically.
    Frame is everything and regardless of which candidate you support, you want to frame the events AS CLOSE TO REALITY AS POSSIBLE, not as those in power have packaged them for you to consume.

    “taped admission of sexual assault” – access Hollywood leaks where he bragged about having groupies is not an “admission of sexual assault”. When you have fame, money, and power, you tend to have entourages of certain types of women (groupies, golddiggers, etc.) who want to be around you frequently and crave your attention – this is a reality 99.9% of us don’t experience, so projecting your own reality onto this situation would be a mistake. And all of this aside, you have to a remember that this is one person making a JOKE to another, completely in PRIVATE. This is not some public declaration. Just take a moment and imagine that something crude/embarrassing/[not appropriate for grandma] you have said behind closed doors is leaked to the public.

    “demonized an entire faith” – This is a total lie. HINT: Using loaded words like “demonized” and generalized extrapolations like “entire” are key signs of drinking the Kool-Aid.
    “abandoned any commitment to shrinking the size of government” – False. See Trump “Gettysburg Address” for one of many examples… he has outline a clear desire to clear the government of waste, fraud, and abuse, and this frightens them. See the big picture

    “rejecting…religious liberty” – Are you so adamant in living in fantasy that you accuse Trump (who has the most support from Evangelicals, the group most concerned with religious liberty) as the candidate against religious liberty? He has explicitly stated MANY times that it’s a tragedy that the Church has lost its voice and has been stifled in public discourse, and that he has a strong desire to give the Church its voice back.

    “garnish the wages of Mexicans” – “garnish” means decorate, so I don’t understand what you’re getting at here. But I’m assuming based on your link that you are trying to twist a desire for the country of Mexico to help fund the border into some ‘demonization’ against an ‘entire’ class of people and desire to see everyone suffer, if I am understanding how your thought process works.
    “trade war with China” – Of course it’s not a desire to improve US negotiations with China and other foreign governments… it’s a “WAR” . The effect of propaganda has made a strong impression on you , clearly

    “sexism, racism, Islamophobia” – More inflammatory words in lieu of an argument. These specific words are the most common one being thrown around by the establishment against anyone they disagree with, It’s getting boring.

    “gravity of Trump’s crimes” – What crimes are you referring to? Only one of the two main candidates is a criminal, and it’s not Trump… If you don’t know this by now, you still have a few days to do your research and look at other facts which are currently not in your awareness

    I believe in a society where people are making decisions based on reality, not fantasy. You can vote for whoever you want, but please make an attempt to represent all sides as honestly as possible and then make your decision. Go straight to the source, the raw data.

    If your entire understanding of the election, and world events in general, is based on secondary information instead of primary, you will inevitably be manipulated to a substantial degree by the one who delivers the information to you. The corporate media provides an intentionally misleading SparkNotes of things happening depending on their desired narrative, and it is imperative that you can see this.

    • Brendan

      I was about to answer your questions, but then it occurred to me that most of them could be answered by simply clicking on the links. Far be it from me to suggest additional reading or even a dictionary to a Trump supporter, but evidently you’ll need both to understand what the author meant by “garnish”. Since this was evidently too complicated for you the first time, I clicked on it and copied it for you. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-would-seek-to-block-money-transfers-to-force-mexico-to-fund-border-wall/2016/04/05/c0196314-fa7c-11e5-80e4-c381214de1a3_story.html

      While I can’t use the language your comment deserves and remain on these threads, I can tell you that Trump’s description of how he grabs women by the ***** without their permission is as clear cut a case as you can ask for. The fact that he laughed about how he uses his fame to get away with it only makes the crimes (yes crimes) worse. These are just the crimes that he has admitted to btw (although he is also guilty of racial discrimination in housing, cheating contractors hundreds of times, defrauding both his regular clients and Trump University students, bribing public officials, etc.). Out of the many women who have accused him, one will be taking him to trial for rape shortly after the election.