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Fisher residents lead campus-wide fundraiser

Ann Loughery | Monday, September 22, 2003

Remnants of James Ramos’s hair still lingered on the steps of Fisher Hall Sunday morning.

The freshman sacrificed his locks and pride to benefit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the focus of the 2nd Annual Fisher Hall Roof Sit. Ramos garnered $40 from crowds passing by Fisher Hall last night for receiving a mullet haircut.

“It was an easy way to raise money, and I needed a haircut,” Ramos said. “I was at LaFortune Saturday night and everyone was staring at me disapprovingly. One girl from another table stared at me for 10 minutes.”

“Now when other guys stand next to me, they look better. I’m doing them a service. Getting a mullet was kind of like my initiation into the dorm – taking one for the team,” said Ramos.

A number of other Fisher residents made similar sacrifices for the charity during a feature entitled “Fisher Feats of Strength.”

Fisher sophomore Sujal Pandya, clad in football pads and a helmet, charged passersby $1 to fling eggs at him. One freshman allowed others to whip him with a wet towel for $1 each. Another resident downed a bottle of syrup to draw attention to the fundraising event.

“These guys are more or less punishing their bodies just to get people to donate. It’s awesome that they’re making that kind of sacrifice for a cause,” said Fisher Hall co-president junior Brian Cullen.

Meanwhile, hall presidents, RAs, rectors and assistant rectors also sat on the roof of Legends and collected donations.

This year, the fundraiser was open to the entire campus and 22 of Notre Dame’s 27 dorms shared shifts on the roof.

At least five people remained on the roof at any given time from Friday at 7:50 p.m. until 9:50 p.m. Sunday for a total of 50 hours.

By Sunday morning, approximately $2,600 had been raised, according to Fisher Hall assistant rector Dominic Angiollo.

Those on the roof lowered a bucket for donations from students, parents and Notre Dame and Michigan State fans alike. For every 25 students that signed the guestbook, the University will donate an additional $25 to the charity.

Collected funds will be donated to the charity in name of Chad Sharon, a former Fisher Hall resident who died last February in a drowning accident.

“The guys wanted to do something to memorialize Chad. The assistant rector from last year told me that a lot of people didn’t have an outlet to channel whatever feelings they had about Chad’s death,” said Angiollo. “This was a chance for them to use those feelings they had for something positive. Chad has been kind of a rally cry for the dorm.”

Fisher Hall initiated the fundraiser last year and intends to make the roof sit a signature event, choosing a different charity each year, Angiollo said.