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Preserve the marshmellow victim

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Last Saturday, as many of you know, while the hopes of our Irish putting together another championship run was being derailed, so was another worthwhile tradition that was known to take place in the senior section. The traditional halftime marshmallow fight was under attack.

After reading a Sept. 22 article about the marshmallow fight raid, being a victim of the debacle has left me with a few afterthoughts. The primary message that Cappy Gagnon is sending is that marshmallow fights cause injury. However, all Gagnon mentions for evidence of this are past incidences of putting metal in marshmallows and injuring people.

If this is the case, why didn’t ushers stop this back when there was a problem and not decide to all of a sudden make this drastic change? Next, he claims that his men were only targeting “ringleaders” of the student body. In a senior section of 2,000 students this is an absolutely ludicrous proposal. One very good question would be what traits mark a “ringleader” of a marshmallow war? I surely do not know, and obviously, neither do the ushers in the Stadium. The consequence: My peers and myself get ejected for their mistake. Gagnon should be more careful when he makes statements such as, “no student has been ejected just for throwing one marshmallow,” as I am living testimony to the inaccuracies of that statement.

Nevertheless, we are forced to watch hopelessly as we see another tradition here at Notre Dame squashed. Here is a suggestion though: Next time maybe they should consider making an announcement that marshmallow possession or throwing is now punishable upon ejection from the Stadium. At least students will know what is coming, and it will save Gagnon and his men from the embarrassing scene from last week of them being under a “white” attack as they lead the “ringleaders” from the Stadium.

Brian Michalek


Siegfried Hall

Sept. 22