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Price difference puzzles students

Anne Mahoney | Friday, September 5, 2003

As Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross students purchased season football tickets last week, many saw a significant difference in the amount they paid compared to that of Notre Dame students.The price difference of $48 has caused some controversy at the three campuses as students questioned the difference in prices. Students have speculated over the real reason for the price difference and whether it is fair to the students at Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross. “It’s frustrating when we are paying for the same seats, especially when the schools are so closely-knit and have a history of over 150 years together,” said Saint Mary’s junior Chrissy Dunham.Notre Dame students receive a 50 percent discount off of the regular ticket price whereas Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross pay two-thirds more than Notre Dame students, according to Jim Fraleigh, assistant athletic director of ticketing. “The fluctuation [in the price difference] is based solely upon the percentage of price increase each year for Notre Dame,” he said.As for the conjecture that Notre Dame is slowly trying to out-price Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross, Fraleigh noted that despite higher prices, ticket sales are at their highest level in six years.Although the tickets are expensive for any student, some students say the price differential may create a rift between the schools.”If the trend continues, Notre Dame sports teams might lose support from their friends at Saint Mary’s,” said Notre Dame senior John Raih. “We shouldn’t allow a gap to grow between the schools.”Other students, however, were less sympathetic.”Notre Dame students pay for tuition at Notre Dame and shouldn’t have to pay as much as those students who attend different schools,” said Maria Destino, a junior at Notre Dame. “The lower prices are a privilege that Notre Dame students deserve for paying tuition at Notre Dame.”