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Senators examine, review TCE proposal

Maureen Reynolds | Thursday, September 18, 2003

The topic of TCE’s was discussed again Wednesday, this time during the meeting of the Student Senate.

Jeremy Staley, chairperson of the Academic Committee in the Office of the Student Body President, presented the proposal to publish TCE’s that will be given to the University’s Academic Council. His reasoning behind this came from the four students that will sit on the Academic Council along with faculty and administrators.

It is the responsibility of the Student Senate to approve three of the four student members on the council. Staley wanted to use the proposal to impress upon the Senators the important position that these three students will be filling. These students will be the “voice of the student body” on the Academic Council, Staley said.

During his presentation, Staley explained the purpose of the TCE proposal.

“Information that is conducive to a person match between professors and students is non-existent. … Our ultimate aim is to provide the best match between students and professors,” he said. “We see this as the most significant student-initiated proposal in recent years.”

Senators questioned Staley on the proposal and its reception by the faculty.

Faculty members, Staley explained to Senators, have not been very receptive to the idea of providing TCE results to students. To accommodate their hesitations, Staley said that the proposal includes provisions, which allow professors to add their own thoughts at the end of the results, offering more qualitative information rather than simply quantitative information. Also, for professors who are fundamentally opposed to TCE publication, professors will be allowed to opt out of the process all together.

These provisions, Staley believes, make the proposal “as balanced and as fair as possible.”

In closing his presentation, Staley told the Senators “to challenge the boundaries that the University sets is [the Student Senate’s] responsibility.”

In other Senate news:

u Student Body President Pat Hallahan reminded Senators of the Church in Africa conference that begins Sunday at 7:30 p.m. with a speech from President Obasanjo of Nigeria. Hallahan asked the Senators to relay to their dorms the important opportunity at hand.

“It’s really a great opportunity for all our students to see … It’s essential that we have people there and it’s going to be worth your time,” Hallahan said.