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Shirts disrespect ND tradition

Letter to the Editor | Friday, September 26, 2003

I am in shock and horror to hear that certain students on campus are wearing “The Holiday is Over” T-shirts.While there are many serious issues plaguing our world, there are representatives of my University dragging us into the mud. Tonight on ESPN several announcers discussed these shirts and their disappointment with our University. And for what? To complain because we aren’t No. 1? Because Carlyle Holiday is being forced to play a style of offense that doesn’t suit him? No, because a few people in the community are sore losers, and making the rest of us look ridiculous.Only the ignorant and those with far too much time and money on their hands are purchasing, wearing and creating these T-shirts.Notre Dame is steeped in tradition. Part of our history is that our fans, our students and our players are some of the classiest in all of college sports.Leave Carlyle alone. He may not be the “best” quarterback in the world, but he’s our quarterback. How can you possibly expect the best from him, when all you show is your worst? Will you suddenly become his biggest fan when his offense clicks? Did you have a problem with him when we won 10 games in a row last year? You fickle fans disgust me. Only true fans stand by their players through thick and thin.Shame on everyone wearing or owning this shirt. If you have any self-respect or care one bit for your entire school’s reputation, throw this shirt away. Go out and do something worthwhile. Work on the Habitat for Humanity house or at the homeless shelter. Think next time before you jump on any bandwagon. And for whoever thought of this brilliant idea, go home for October break and stay there. There’s no place for someone so ignorant at a place as great and classy as Notre Dame.

Jennifer Lopez-HillClass of ’00Sept. 23