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Begging for a win

Amanda Michaels | Tuesday, October 7, 2003

I am a Pittsburgher. “Pop,” “Primanti’s” and “pierogies” are staples of my vocabulary as well as my diet. I often wax nostalgic about the countless summers I spent at Kennywood, wasting my parents’ money at the Fish Pond, stuffing my face with Potato Patch fries and gazing in terror at the looming metal skeleton of the Steel Phantom. I’ve smelled Wholey’s in the Strip, seen the dinosaurs at the Carnegie and watched fireworks from the Point. I have a postcards of the city posted around my desk and bed, and have seen that same skyline shimmering at night from inside the Duquesne incline.

And, as any good Pittsburgher can attest to, I actively wave the Terrible Towel, have worn a “Bus” hat at some point in my life and mock the Browns with every available breath. I mourned the loss of Three Rivers Stadium, where I saw my first Steelers game, and own a tape of the classic “Here We Go Steelers” jingle. Occasionally, I even own up to being a Pirates fan.

But never, never have I ever cheered for Pitt.

Don’t ask me why, but my loyalty to the city of Pittsburgh does not extend to its signature university. Sure, I’ve heard enough on the local news to know a bit about the team, but unlike so many who bedecked their cars with Panther paraphernalia, I remained surprisingly neutral in spite of all pressure to do otherwise.

That is, until I got my acceptance letter to Notre Dame.

Since then, I’ve actively engaged in bouts of Pitt versus Notre Dame trash-talking with my best friend, raised on the ‘other’ Blue and Gold and honing my colorfully descriptive language skills while touting our Return to Glory. But, as much as I hate to admit it, defending the Irish honor has become far more difficult as of late. I mean, what unbiased observer wouldn’t look at a 3-1, 15th ranked team and put good money on the fact that they’ll beat the 1-3 guys who were absolutely steamrolled by Michigan?

Of course, they don’t know a thing, and I’m quite sure that we’ll go into Heinz Field on Saturday and humiliate the Panthers in a stunning victory. See, I’m keeping the faith.

But faith can only do so much. So I’m sending out a plea to anyone that will listen, whether it be linebacker or deity, and begging for a win on Saturday. I’m not asking for a win just for the sake of Notre Dame pride, or for rankings, or even for the Notre Dame alum Jerome Bettis who will probably be watching from the stands, though all of those are worthy, worthy causes.

Rather, I ask for a win for the sake of my poor parents, who, in their green shirts, will brave the thousands upon thousands of Pitt fans waving golden towels and who knows what else. And, at the risk of sounding selfish, for me and my fellow Pittsburgh deviants who might just have to move to Canada if we lose.

With that said – go Irish, beat the Panthers.