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Clarify Charlie Ebersol’s identity

Brian Foy | Friday, October 10, 2003

Maybe it’s me. I decided to move off campus this year, so maybe I am out of the loop, but I still think I keep up on campus news. I was wondering, then, if someone would tell me who Charlie Ebersol is?I saw his name in an ad for David Spade’s show this weekend. I do not follow the career of Spade, so if Ebersol is his manager, then even if I was on campus, I would not know.If 3,500 came, then Ebersol volunteered to shave his head. I was going to, but I decided to stay home and rent Tommy Boy from Blockbuster and save myself some money. So I have my own proposition: If the University brings in a good college stand-up comedian, I will shave my head. I am not asking that 3,500 or even 100 people come out for it. If we get someone like Mitch Hedberg I will shave my head bald. I will also sweeten the pot a bit.If we get a good comedian I will not only shave my head, but I will also shave the moustache I have been sporting lately. I think this is a very fair deal. We all see a funny comedian, and then I shave my head and face. I just thought I would throw this out as an option.

Brian Foysenioroff-campusOct. 9