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Hype up Halloween

Adam Miglore | Thursday, October 30, 2003

What a great time of year! The leaves are changing colors as fast as the “die-hard” alumni make fire Ty websites to show their support for our team. The temperature is dropping more quickly than the seniors’ work ethic, and we all know what that means … Halloween!

This festive fall holiday is generally known for dressing up in ridiculous costumes and wreaking havoc on the neighborhood with your friends while raking in bags of free candy. Evenings are filled with young children flocking to random doorbells in eager anticipation of their yearly payoff. Then the nights bring out the teens with their shaving cream and eggs ready to ambush the next group of friends they see. However it is obvious that these activities seem to have been lost in the shuffle here at Notre Dame.

Entranced by midterms, group projects and other forms of time-consuming studies, the majority of the student body finds it impossible to squeeze in a full day of mischief and shenanigans. This year is different from my other years at Notre Dame since Halloween doesn’t conveniently fall the day before a huge test or important presentation. Rather, it falls on a Friday for the first time since 1997.

We all need to take this rare opportunity to dress up like complete idiots and have some fun. Go to a haunted house, carve a pumpkin, do something to take a break. This is the perfect chance to escape the ever-present pressures of your classes for a day or two and stop being so uptight and boring.

Everyone needs to do themselves a favor and squeeze into a wild costume your friends always said you would never wear. And by wild costume I don’t mean being a cowboy. I’m talking a 6-foot-5 225-pound guy wearing a mini tennis skirt and an exact replica top of a Florida State cheerleader.

For the ladies I’m suggesting, against my better judgment I might add, that you steer away from the overdone Catholic schoolgirl or devil in favor of a more original costume like a Russian girl scout who just got done skiing the Swiss Alps and desperately wants to dance with a stuffed monkey.

Smile. Laugh. Be crazy. Go against your anal-retentive instincts and let go of all your cares for just a bit and let loose, dance, party. Basically, be the little kid buried deep inside you know you want to be for just this one night.

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