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Knott destroys Carroll 19-0


The two teams couldn’t have been more different.

The Carroll Vermin (1-2) suffered the most severe loss of their season 19-0 Sunday to the Knott Juggerknotts (2-1-1). Knott captain Drew Donovan described the win as “the best we’ve played all year.” Donovan also believes Sunday’s win will propel them to the playoffs after fall break.

Knott scored early in the first quarter after senior Mike Pykosz caught a 20-yard pass from quarterback Ben Gilfillan. Kicker Eric Wooldridge sent the ball through the uprights for the extra point to put the Juggs in the lead 7-0.

“That really got us going,” Donovan said of the touchdown. “From then on, we really couldn’t do anything wrong.”

On the following play, a penalty hindered the Vermin’s offensive drive and ended the quarter. Several other penalties throughout the game limited Carroll’s opportunities for scoring.

The Vermin began the second quarter in possession of the ball but soon relinquished it to the Juggs after a fourth down bungled punt attempt. Knott running back John Bisanz gained 15 yards rushing on the next two plays before the Juggs turned the ball over to the Vermin.

Sophomore Alex Fergus soon intercepted a pass from Carroll quarterback Kory Wilmot to regain possession. Pykosz ran for 10 yards to put Knott 20 yards away from the end zone.

After catching a five-yard pass from Gilfillan, Knott wide receiver Mike Peters ran for 10 yards into the end zone. Senior Dustin Beauchamp countered the offensive drive by blocking the Juggs’ attempt for the extra point.

Peters was additionally responsible for another touchdown at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Donovan cited Peters as a player that realized his potential during the game.

“We really have to get him on the field as much as possible,” Donovan said.

It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the Vermin got their offense going. In the final minutes of the game, Wilmot rushed for 10 yards and passed for 15 to Butz and sophomore Dan Berkhout.

“We abandoned our game plan early and never really got back on track until the fourth quarter,” Butz said of the late offensive drive. “We lost as a team today.”

Carroll will face Siegfried Wednesday.

Sorin 6, St. Ed’s 0

Usually there’s strength in numbers but Sorin proved an exception to that saying as its 15 man squad pulled out a 6-0 victory Sunday over St.Ed’s.

The pace of the game was at first controlled by St. Ed’s with Sorin only having one possession the entire first half. St. Ed’s put together a few long drives only to come up empty in the red zone.

Sorin’s game winning touchdown came in the fourth quarter on a 35-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Colin O’Keefe to wide receiver Tom Doar.

“Tom made a great adjustment on the play and was able to bring it into the end zone,” O’Keefe said.

Sorin’s defense was able to hold on to the lead with an interception by cornerback Chris Paley that clinched the game.

The dominating force in the game was St. Ed’s running game that looked unstoppable as it pounded away at Sorin’s defense all day. St. Ed’s went to its ground game on 24 plays and had two separate 70-yard drives in the first half.

Each time St. Ed’s threatened however, Sorin’s defense rallied, forcing an interception to end the first drive and making a goal line stand on the second.

Sorin’s offense didn’t see much time on the field throughout the game but then again most of the team was playing on both sides of the ball. Call it bad luck or just strange coincidence, but a large group of Sorin’s starters weren’t at the game.

“We had three of our best players hurt today,” O’Keefe said. “We even were missing one guy who got stuck in traffic on the way back from Chicago.”

To make things worse for Sorin, St. Ed’s consistent rushing attack looked like it would wear down their undermanned team.

“They ran the ball all over us in the first half but I think they got just as tired as we did,” O’Keefe said. “We don’t do a whole lot of conditioning during the week but somehow we stayed tough during the second half.”

The turning point in the game occurred at the end of the first half when St. Ed’s failed to score after getting the ball first and goal at the 3. Sorin’s defense held on three plays in a row and time ran out in the half before St. Ed’s could get off a final play.

Sorin’s victory in their last regular season game puts them at 2-2. St.Ed’s record now stands at 1-1-1 with one game left to play. The playoff situation for both teams will be decided by the games on Wednesday.

Zahm 10, Fisher 7

With the right players, in the right place, at the right time, the Zahmbies played a skillful game to a victorious end. Zahm won by a field goal this past Sunday, defeating Fisher 10-7, to put Zahm in possible contention for a playoff spot.

“We had outstanding play from people who know how to play football,” Zahm captain Mike Maimone said. “These guys stepped up and gave it everything they had.”

The win brings Zahm’s record to 2-2 and closes its regular season play but puts the Green Wave back to a trailing 1-2 record with one game left against St. Ed’s Wednesday.

Zahm opened with the ball but quickly lost it on a fumble. The defense didn’t back down however, holding the Fisher team behind the first-down line and forced the Green Wave to punt.

Several long drives by quarterback Casey Cullen started Fisher’s second quarter more successfully, but Fisher lost the momentum after a third-down sack.

The Zahm team energy as a whole exploded on its next ball possession. Most noticeable was the coordination between brothers Mitch and Chad Knapke as they took primary responsibility for moving the ball into scoring territory.

“Our defense stepped up, though we couldn’t stop all the runs, but most of all, the offense’s passing really game came to life,” Zahm coach Joe Washington said.

Zahm completed their touchdown drive with a pass to Mike Russell at the 15 and then Chad Knapke in the end zone.

In the third quarter the Green Wave tried to make up the deficit with Andy Pfiester and Cullen running the ball, but the Zahmbie defense blocked a Fisher field goal attempt to end the quarter.

Both teams were pushing at the end, playing fast but also sometimes clumsily. Zahm failed to make a first down against Fisher’s aggressive defensive line, but regained the ball shortly after as the result of a Green Wave fumble.

The offense made huge strides down the field, but then opted for the field goal. Kicker Zach Jara sent the ball through successfully for what turned about to be the game-winner.

With just five minutes left on the clock, a revived Fisher offense then surprised its opponents with a rapid touchdown and extra-point completion.

Zahm scrambled to increase its lead but couldn’t gain the needed yards. Fisher looked to try for a second touchdown in the last seconds but an interception by Zahm’s Luke Dillon sealed the game for a Zahmbie triumph.

“We lacked the intensity … and once we had it at the end it came about because we had our backs to the wall, but it was too late,” Fisher captain Tom Gorman said.

After hopes of matching last season’s opening loss turnaround with another three game winning streak, Fisher was surprised and dissatisfied by the outcome of the game.

“We’re disappointed we didn’t play at the level we should have,” Gorman said. “As for next week, we’re just looking to play better than we did and have some fun.”