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Responding to diversity issues

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, October 28, 2003

In response to Matt Bramanti’s Oct. 28 article “Diversity does’t matter,” claiming diversity entails little more than race is offensive to every one of us. Diversity accounts for differences of race, sex, class, sexual preference, age, political interests or even the way we eat a sandwich.Although eerily reminiscent of my father’s advice, we are at Notre Dame to do little more than learn. We have learned South Dining Hall spinach does not react well with peppermint yo-cream or that a rector easily recognizes the difference between a small gathering of 10 people and a raucous alcohol-laden Halloween bash of 30.More importantly, we are constantly learning about the fascinating aspects of this great big world. Every day we have the opportunity to engage in and learn from conversation with people from different areas of the world, varying religious beliefs and different racial backgrounds. We have the opportunity to learn about different ways to handle tough situations, conflicting political positions or even the difference between New York City and Idaho fashions. To claim it does not matter if we gain anything from our surroundings – or that diversity does not matter – is preposterous.If you refuse to think the preceding argument is little more than a bunch of idealistic crap, let your corporate-minded self take control. Following graduation, we will step into a world completely different from the all-American dream we have come to know at Notre Dame. Maybe I am naive, but unless I will be sitting in my room playing minesweeper while my roommate and I talk about Britney Spears’ new video, my life will not be its familiar and comfortable self. I cannot honestly claim my boss, or even the person who decides to hire me, will have my exact same background and beliefs, and hence, our relations will always flow smoothly; it will not be easy to understand the foreign stances of my coworkers.Diversity shapes every aspect of my life, including the workplace. So if for no other reason than making it big in the corporate world, take advantage of the diversity that surrounds you – you might learn a thing or two about yourself.

Caroline Reamssenioroff-campusOct. 28