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Say cheese: grilled cheese

Andrew Borys | Thursday, October 16, 2003

We all go to the dining hall multiple times a day, and for the most part, we all leave with a generally full feeling in our stomachs.

I live in O’Neill, so every point of reference toward food and whatnot is related to the South Dining Hall.

If you go to North, you might as well just skip the rest of this article and get to the obvious highlight of The Observer – the “In Brief” section.

But there are those days when you enter the dining hall, and be it the particular rotation for that day or it is breakfast-for-dinner day (seriously, if you want to eat breakfast, wake up earlier), nothing looks good.

Well, I have the perfect solution for that – grilled cheese sandwiches.

Quite possibly, the most underrated food in dining hall history, the grilled cheese, is often overlooked as people pass right from their chicken patties to the French fries.

This is a shame, because the grilled cheese is like that guy in romantic comedies that everyone knows the girl should be with, and when she ends up with him everything ends happily.

There is always a full tray with the lady working in the background, rolling on the butter with her paint roller for a fresh batch. And sometimes, if you are lucky, they have the grilled cheese with the wheat bread. I am not sure when this fits in the rotation, but it’s like going on a date with an Olsen twin and finding out that her sister is coming too.

Besides the reliability of the grilled cheese, its main bonus is its versatility.

Let me point out the dipping ability of the sandwich.

It mixes well with your classical dips of ketchup, honey mustard and ranch dressing, but it does not stop there. The grilled cheese goes great with any soup, no matter what the flavor.

It may not make “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s” list as top etiquette, but nothing beats dipping a grilled cheese in a warm tomato soup on a blistery South Bend winter day.

Besides its obvious dipping qualities, the versatility of the grilled cheese does not stop there. You can put anything between those two pieces of heavily buttered bread and it will taste delicious, including hamburgers, chicken tenders and/or hot dogs. It is not uncommon to see someone at our table having a grilled cheese dog for dinner.

It’s like a hot dog on steroids – big, greasy steroids.

So as you are sitting here reading this eating your hummus, do yourself a favor and go back in and find a lost piece of your childhood.

Grab a grilled cheese, just like your mom made you – if she used a paint roller.