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Cheering lacked meaning

Observer Viewpoint | Monday, November 3, 2003

Notre Dame’s traditions are second to none and I have loved being a part of that tradition throughout my lifetime. Certainly one of these great traditions includes the players holding their golden helmets in the air as the student section cheers.

That being said, I was not too thrilled with what occurred at the end of the Florida State game. As the players were leaving the field, they made their way once again over to the student section.

Notre Dame students then proceeded to scream and cheer louder than on any first down during the game, and louder than after any other home game this year, except for Washington State. I think strictly clapping for the team would have been the suitable way to show our players we are behind them.

I pose a question to the students. Do we enjoy going to the games simply to cheer, do the jig, eat a hot dog and have fun? It seems more and more students treat the game as a social outlet, and care little about the game’s outcome.

I am not saying the games should be life or death, that you should be mad for a week after we lose, etc. I just want us to impart to the players, coaches, alumni and fans that we also care about winning. Last time I checked, winning was one of Notre Dame’s greatest football traditions.

How much more gratifying will it be for the players to come over to the students after a win and tell a difference in the strength of our voices? Students simply clapping for our players after a big loss is still showing great support and no disrespect. Hell, students at Florida State would have left the game midway through the third quarter.

If anything, this is respecting Notre Dame and its traditions. It is respecting all the teams before us that worked so hard to continue Notre Dame’s traditions and success. It is respecting our current players by fully supporting them, while still urging them to improve and letting them know we are not satisfied.

Knowing that we support them, but that we still desperately want success will have a better impact on the players than screaming and cheering every time they come off the field. I am pretty sure that our players would in no way be hurt if we simply clapped for them after the FSU game, especially considering the outcome of the game. In fact, I think deep down they might appreciate the fact that we support them, but that we still demand the best of them.

I assume this is one reason they chose to go to Notre Dame, to be the best they can be. We know, and the team knows, that 37-0 is not the best we can be. One thing I do not want the student body to do is lull the team into thinking that we are okay with mediocrity.

Notre Dame players have always had a strong desire to win, and this must continue. We expect them to be the best they can be, and during the game they expect us to be the best we can be. Let the team know that we are behind them, but at the same time, let them know that we expect the same effort, drive, desire and preparation as the players who went before them.

Quinn EidesophomoreMorrissey ManorNov. 2