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Macaroni and…

Will Puckett | Friday, November 21, 2003

Now that football fans everywhere are done cursing or cheering at their TV screens, depending on what they think of mid-majors in NCAA Division 1 football, I think it’s high time for a few cheers of “Macaroni!”Oh, wait, wrong situation. But if you feel compelled enough, and the dining hall food just isn’t getting you over the proverbial hump (again), feel free.Seriously though, football season is starting to get serious. Ohio State plays Michigan tomorrow, and that’s never insignificant. Growing up an Ohio State fan (and probably still having a little of that in me), it’s pretty cool watching scarlet and grey uniforms beat maize and blue uniforms to a pulp. Maybe this year they could use marshmallows to do so? Those certainly seem to be considered lethal instruments around here…Nah, I think everything’s positively peachy on that front. Now we just need to be ready to buy impressive “ND” labeled styrofoam cups next season, since water bottles are a hazard as well. I’ve been hit with several of those over my time here at Notre Dame, so I suppose one could say the issue hits home for me.Of course, I’ve waited until the season ended to say any of this, since I’m not a fan of RoboUsher coming to kick me out of the Stadium for supposedly throwing marshmallows – from the sophomore section. What’s it take to get a rimshot around here nowadays?Now, before someone sets their sights on writing me a nice long letter – that’s right, hold your horses, Cappy – I really don’t care that much about marshmallows or the lack thereof at games, regardless of the reason they’re missing. Unless, of course, they’re in the middle of s’mores. Take s’mores away, and then I’ll fight.Ah, who am I kidding? A pile of Honey Maid boxes, Hershey wrappers and Jet-Puff bags tossed on the steps of the Main Building and lit on fire just wouldn’t get much done. Somehow, Save Our S’mores doesn’t have much of a ring to it, either – at least one that anyone really important would listen to.Ooh, I know! I can petition Student Government to get started on the “S’more Saving Committee” now, as opposed to six months after the fact!Ahhh… I think there’s something slightly wrong with my reasoning facilities. Maybe it’s just all the ethanol in the air…Well, time for me to go stick a feather in my cap – you fill in the rest. A sometime columnist I may be, Yankee Doodle I’m not. At least, not if one of the requirements is to “with the girls be handy” – this is Notre Dame, remember?