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My flush with destiny

Allison Nichols | Thursday, November 13, 2003

I call it my flush with destiny. The day I watched my cell phone swirl down to the deep dark abyss.

I know many of you are thinking: how in the world can you flush a cell phone down the toilet? Well, it is possible and actually a lot easier than you would think.

Last Monday I stopped by the restroom on my way to dinner. The two things I always have on me are my ID key ring and my cell phone.

But I wasn’t talking on my phone in the bathroom. That is disgusting. It was in my sweater pocket, which seems to have been my fatal error.

After I pulled the handle and was unlatching the door, I suddenly heard a plunk. I turned around, and at first I didn’t see a thing.

Then, amongst the thrust of water in the bowl, a quick silvery glimmer caught my eye.

Oh my God, was my cell phone actually in the toilet?

I admit I hesitated. I totally wasn’t expecting that to happen.

Just as I came to the realization of what was happening, my hands skimmed the surface, and the cell phone swirled out of sight.

I stood there shocked for a few moments, waiting for the cell phone to magically reappear.

I thought, there is no way that a cell phone could go down those pipes.

Seriously, my cell phone wasn’t that small. When nothing appeared after some time, there was nothing to do but laugh hysterically.

You see, the past night I had gotten some bad news and didn’t sleep much at all. I begrudgingly woke up Monday morning to the bitter cold and trudged through the rest of my day contemplating why life seemed to be so awful to me.

The next evening came, and I thought, “Alright, the day is almost over.”

Then the most unexpected thing happened. Just when you think nothing worse could happen to you, something else occurs to make you rethink that statement.

Instead of flying into a rage at all my misfortunes, I smiled and laughed.

I know God wanted me to take things a little more lightly, and that was what he came up with to make me laugh.

Strange, I know, but it was my destiny to flush that cell phone down the toilet. It was no mere accident; it was meant to be.

After informing the maintenance department and the front desk, I proceeded to tell my friends who also laughed hysterically.

We spent the evening conjuring up witty jokes and scenarios of where my phone might be or where it may emerge in the future.

Only I could have done something so idiotic, but, as always, there is a moral to the story.

A little laughter can go a long way, and you can think to yourself, at least I’m not stupid enough to flush my cell phone down the toilet like that girl.