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SMC presidential candidates answer student questions

| Monday, November 17, 2003

Gail Baker Current Position: Vice President of Public Relations, University of Florida

Education: B.S.J., 1976, Northwestern University; M.S., 1980, Roosevelt University; Ph.D., 1991, University of Missouri

On student involvement at Saint Mary’s… “You already have significant student involvement in the critical decisions the institution is making. I’ve been very impressed that you have a student on the search committee and have a student voice.”

On adaptability… “I have to maintain the face of the institution, but being flexible is part of who I am. I know there are going to be challenges.”

On looking at the future at Saint Mary’s… “I think you want to remain a women’s college. There may be pressure to bear in the future … but the college has to be prepared to defend its identity.”

On combining Catholic values with gay/lesbian rights… “I think the most important guiding principle we’ve been taught is to respect individuality … I know that Catholicism stands for more than turning your back.”

On women’s leadership… “There is still a glass ceiling that is hard to break – I want to be part of an institutional effort that is moving women forward.”

Josefina Baltodano

Current Position:Executive Vice President for Strategic Planning and Advancement, Alliant International University in San Francisco

Education:B.A. 1971,University of Wisconsin Oshkosh; J.D., 1977, University of California Hastings College of the Law

On lessons learned growing up in a large Midwestern family…“I learned how to share. I learned conflict resolution. I learned my very best leadership skills from being the first born of nine children.”

On the importance of residence life and student housing…“A residence hall is a total living community. You learn just as much in the dorm as in the classroom.”

On the recruitment of minorities…“I think here at Saint Mary’s, you have a golden opportunity to do it right. You have here the Center for Women’s Intercultural Leadership. You can use that as a catalyst of women of color. At the end of the day, it is the stories of multi-ethnic students and alumnae which is the best recruitment tool.”

On what she would strive to support or enhance at Saint Mary’s…“The academic excellence of this institution is what I would work to preserve. That sings to me really beautifully.”

On leaving California…I can stay out in California, my comfort zone, but that’s just not good enough for me.

Susan Keys

Current Position:Associate Director of Education, Center for Prevention of Youth Violence, Johns Hop-kin’s University

Education:B.A., 1971, Saint Mary’s College; A.G.S. and M.Ed., 1973, University of Maryland; Ph.D., 1983, University of Maryland

On creating life’s path…“I have not taken the traditional steps to become a president … I came from a much broader background. But even if I knew this is where I was headed, I don’t think I would have followed the traditional path because I consider myself more of a trailblazer.”

On looking into a position at Saint Mary’s…“All career choices I have made have been consistent with who I am as a person and who I need to be.”

On goals for the College…“What really energizes me is looking into the future and seeing what this institution should look like. That is what will get me out of bed. I like being on the edge.”

On the relationship between Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame…“Saint Mary’s often seems to be under the wing or a little sister, but I think it needs to be the big sister and I have ideas on how to make that happen.”

On Saint Mary’s as a whole…“Saint Mary’s is about more than education. It’s about transforming lives and I want to be a part of that mission. You are the beneficences of a strong leadership tradition.”

Carol Mooney

Current Position:Vice President and Associate Provost, University of Notre Dame

Education: B.A., 1972, Saint Mary’s College; J.D. 1977, Notre Dame Law School

On deciding to apply for the position…“It was a very big decision for me to take a risk. If you care about something, it takes risk to make it happen. It takes risk for me to stand here today.”

On inclusiveness at Saint Mary’s…“One of the most fundamental things I’ve taken from my faith is respect for all people. There cannot be second-class citizens here, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to agree about everything. Live within the tension and I think it’ll create something better than what is there.”

On making tuition more reasonable for every student…“You have to work hard on bringing in more expendable gifts or raising the endowment.”

On what her goals would be if named president…“My No. 1 goal is that Saint Mary’s stays true to who she is now. I also want Saint Mary’s to be on the list of top 50 liberal arts colleges. If any place in the country is going to make it there, it’s going to be here.”

On her skills…“I believe I can lead. I believe I can get people excited about Saint Mary’s. I believe I can get people to work together to make things happen.”