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Support tradition of winning

Letter to the Editor | Friday, November 7, 2003

This is in response to Kathleen Tallmadge’s Nov. 4 letter. While Iunderstand her love for the team and wish to cheer them on throughthe darkest times, I think she fails to see the most important point.At Notre Dame, the most important tradition is winning. Not at allcosts, but winning the right way. That is how Notre Dame footballbecame as popular and as traditioned as it is today – they win, andthey win the right way.Does anyone really think that the Notre Dame football tradition wouldbe the same if we had 0 national championships, 0 Heisman winners,but we just tried our best each and every year? Of course not. Allour traditions, from the gold helmets to the band to Touchdown Jesusand so on, stem from the fact that we are historically the winningestteam in college football, ever.If, as Tallmadge says, “The achievement is in the journey – whetheror not we ever reach the pinnacle of success is irrelevant,” then thefootball tradition is endangered. If seasons continue the way thisone has, then all Notre Dame will become is a past glory who can’tkeep up anymore.Banking on past traditions is important and expected, but it must becomplemented by continued success on the field. If you don’t believeme, ask the former greats of the college football world: Navy, Army,Princeton and the University of Chicago.

Justin SpackjuniorDillon HallNov. 6