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Freedom to choose

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, December 3, 2003

After reading Erin Griswold’s Dec. 3 letter, I have to say I was shocked that it was even printed. Primarily her issue was simply two guys looking at porn. I’m not saying that they were right to have been doing it in LaFortune, but it’s really not a huge deal. The fact that she then went to ResLife with the matter is sad, but as Notre Dame is the most sheltered environment on earth it makes sense. Rock bottom was relating pornography to slavery. Are you serious? I fail to see any similarities between the Civil War and the adult film industry. The women and men seen in pornographic material have all made the choice to be there, and many have built successful careers around being a porn star. I’m not supporting the industry or saying that porn is a great career choice, but that’s what they want to do. My advice to Griswold is to lighten up. After you graduate there will be a lot of things that offend you, so stop whining about it. As for to the two gentlemen she caught in the basement of LaFortune, try to keep it in your room like the rest of us.

Michael Dudasenioroff campusDec. 3