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Keeping the sanctity of marriage

Observer Viewpoint | Thursday, January 22, 2004

President George W. Bush is clearly against the civil union of homosexuals. President Bush stated in the State of the Union address “our nation must defend the sanctity of marriage.” He agrees with the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 which was a response to Hawaii’s court ruling which allowed same-sex marriage.

As a person who is pretty lax concerning restrictions placed on honest citizens, I found Bush’s stance on gay marriage ridiculous. Bush argues that gay marriage destroys the sanctity of traditional marriage.

My question is, then, if one is so upset about the sacredness of marriage being jeopardized, why didn’t anyone get offended when Britney had her fling with her high school friend?

Britney’s MARRIAGE was taken as a world-wide joke. KDWB’s Morning radio show host Dave Ryan thought it would be funny to send one of his interns and a listener to Las Vegas so they could get married on the radio, broadcast to Minnesota at the same chapel as Mrs. Spears, only to later have it annulled much like “not that innocent” Britney.

Despite the view of marriage as portrayed by modern popular culture, marriage is sacred. If you are concerned with preserving the meaning of marriage, don’t get upset with gays who love each other as much as any married couple and want the same sacred bond (not to mention economic benefits) that married couples have.

Instead, take arms against people that truly do make marriage seem like a joke – Britney Spears and modern pop culture.

Nicholas ColemanfreshmanAlumni HallJan. 21