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Minority voices share opinions

Observer Viewpoint | Thursday, January 22, 2004

In response to Joseph Muldoon’s question regarding the negative light in which President Bush is often viewed in The Observer, I would simply say that the bulk of those who write are probably feeling unheard. Whether true or not, the common campus perception is that Notre Dame students generally support Bush. Consequently, those who oppose him consider themselves a minority, fueling their desires to voice opinion more than those who support Bush.

Another reason for “Bush-bashing” is that his administration has been unabashedly bold in its policy and demeanor. The so-called “Bush Doctrine” and the mentality that produced it has been fertile ground for those in the market of expressing discontent. As the arena of politics is one in which heated argument is amply available and widely accepted among the general public, the views become intensified. Thus, when combined with such non-interactive, opinion-based communication as a Viewpoint article, it lends itself to more extreme views, as voices go unchecked and attempts are made to gain attention and support via such methods as “slamming.”

I would be reluctant to say The Observer, or any other individual media source, reflects the views of its “community.” But it is a revealing text for students of-rather than at – Notre Dame.

Mike Zawada


St. Edwards Hall

Jan. 22