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Oh Canada

Mike Harkins | Friday, January 30, 2004

It feels so great to be 21. Want to get into the high-class bars of South Bend? Sure thing. Want a beer at T.G.I.Friday’s? No problem. Now that I’m 21, I don’t have to worry about making trips up to Canada in order to get into bars, right?So, anybody want to go to Windsor?I’m sorry, but after four months of tasting the South Bend scene and the scene back home around Detroit, while it can be nice, none of it compares to the experience of a night in downtown Windsor.Though many students around South Bend may not be up to traveling three hours to get up there, Windsor is definitely worth the trip. Besides the fact that it is Canadian, it is an excellent place to hang out with friends. It is also a great opportunity make fun of random Canadians for all sorts of things, whether it be the play money they use or the way they say “ouut” and “abouut.” It can even be fun toying around with the Windsor police, who are basically useless. No, I take that back – the cops are always hard at work standing outside the club doing nothing, maybe hitting on a couple of girls standing in line waiting to get in.Of course, Windsor has its dirty hangouts. For the guys, there’s Cheetah’s, and for the ladies, there’s Danny’s. True Canadian class in these joints.But when it comes down to it, with all the Canadian-bashing one could possibly do, they do have one thing going for them: The girls there are ridiculously hot. Unlike the girls one might see dancing up on stage at Heartland or the ones you see hooking up on the second floor of Boat Club, these ladies from the North are some prize pieces if I ever saw one.Then, of course, there’s the Windsor Casino. For those of you who like to gamble, this is the place to be. It can also be an excellent source of beer money for those going to the bars afterwards. There’s even an outdoor ice rink a block away from the casino where pickup hockey games are played 24/7. Feel free to go out and check a couple of Canadians to the ground. Joker’s, Woody’s, Wired, Reactor, O, Voodoo, Peppers, Honest Lawyer, Ryan’s Pub. This is about a quarter of the nightclubs that line Ouellete Street in downtown Windsor, and all are hopping throughout the weekend. So for those of you looking for more fun than hanging with townies at the Backer, take a trip up to Canada. And those of you under 21, instead of taking a chance with your fake IDs, hit up Canada and drink legally. Just make sure you bring some good Canadian jokes with you – laughing at them is half the fun.