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Support the Revue

Justin Tardiff | Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Don’t get me wrong; I am a proud Saint Mary’s student. I love my college, and if you insult my soon-to-be alma mater, I will probably beat you up.

But with this said, I do not have a problem with people poking fun at the stereotypes that certainly exist because of the fact that we are an all-girls school. Let’s face it, girls, we give the Keenan Revue plenty of material for their various skits, songs and jokes.

For example, a women’s college means only girls are admitted, thus giving us the conclusion that there are no boys at Saint Mary’s. Consequently, it is necessary to leave campus to find a relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

Have you guys seen the mass exodus from campus on Fridays and Saturdays? It is an exodus that can be compared to the Great Exodus of the Bible as well as the ones that happen on home football game weekends.

This is prime material for the Keenan Revue. Pair this with the well-known, but false, assumption that most of the students at Saint Mary’s are only there because they did not get into Notre Dame, or the so-called rivalry between Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s women, or Saint Mary’s freshmen mistakes of bumbling into Hockey House or Glee Club parties, and you are bound to be made fun of.

Let’s be honest – comedians all over the world take facts like these and distort them into humorous tidbits, and the Revue is no different. And like comedians everywhere, someone somewhere is bound to be the brunt of the joke, and more often than not, they take offense at the material and throw a fit.

I agree the Revue should have a few guidelines, but let’s face it – the only reason Saint Mary’s gets any say in what happens at the Keenan Revue is simply because it happens at our school.

I say let the Keenan Revue go on as it has in the past. If nothing else, the Keenan Revue is the only time when the entire Notre Dame campus wants to come to Saint Mary’s.

Let it live in the past with stereotypical comments about life at Saint Mary’s, Notre Dame and Holy Cross. Let’s face it – we’re funny, and all three of the campuses, as well as South Bend, provide material for the Revue.

So let’s go and enjoy the entertainment of the weekend, knowing that no strange, stereotypical tidbit will escape the fury of the Revue.