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Accepting the popularity contest

Observer Viewpoint | Wednesday, February 18, 2004

On Feb. 17, Miss Distler and Miss McCarthy expressed their disdain with the student body because the candidate they supported did not win. While student-body elections really are no place for meaningless mudslinging – everyone knows you have to wait till you run for real political office for that to mean anything – these two young ladies have failed to see the glaring realities of the situation.

While Istvan/Bell did not win the 50 percent plus one vote, they received over 200 more votes than Ebersol/Leito. I want to remind both Miss Distler and Miss McCarthy that the day before the election Ebersol’s main platform promise – a large concert – was rejected by University officials. That has nothing to do with the fact that people may or may not like Mr. Ebersol.

Secondly, it is just as unfair for Miss McCarthy to attack Istvan’s and Bell’s lack of student body experience as it was for people to make remarks about Mr. Ebersol’s car. Why must we underestimate two young people who decided that they wanted to try their hand at something new.

Also, and this is before anyone’s time and is not officially documented on those fancy plaques in LaFortune, from 1972-1973 the official Student Body Vice President was a cat. I’m sure that Miss Bell will be able to do her job just as competently, if not more so, than a feline.

Finally, did either Miss Distler or Miss McCarthy in their research of this fantastic election notice the chart on the cover of Monday’s Observer?

Something more than throwing votes behind another candidate was going on when only three women’s dorms voted for the Isvan/Bell ticket. I’m sure everyone can put two and two together. For as long as most of us have been in school, from elementary to today, student-body elections have been popularity contests.

I’m a senior, so none of this election nonsense really affects me – did it ever? Why not give Adam and Karla a chance? I am confident that they will be able to do what every student-body administration has done before them: try very hard, not always successfully, to give the students a voice.

Instead of everyone getting so upset, move forward and try to get thing accomplished, no matter who is in charge.

By the way, the people in charge work in the Dome, not LaFortune.

Erin FitzpatrickSeniorFarley Hall Feb. 17