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Americans are overreacting to halftime show

Emily Phillips | Wednesday, February 4, 2004

In response to Michael Derocher’s Feb. 3 letter regarding the Superbowl and Janet Jackson’s breast – get over it already. It’s just a breast. I find it hard to believe that the rest of the world hates America because a woman shows her breast on television, because, somehow, somewhere, it’s been acknowledged that, yes, “genitalia” exists in America. Just as I find it hard to believe that to show or not show a breast has anything to do with fighting a war in Iraq. Blessed nation? In whose eyes? And what does that sort of jockeying of this most holy, sacred position do to our perceptions of other nations, which, in case we’ve forgotten, make up the rest of the world?Make them “unblessed?” By whom? I think we have to be very careful with trying to keep a structure of a tight, rigid “morality,” which today is more based on ideas of making sure that we as a nation don’t lose any of those creature comforts we have convinced ourselves that we need, having lost sight ages ago of the difference between need and desire. To “defend” these, no matter what the costs, and no matter to whom, is a very dangerous basis by which to live one’s life. That’s the Disney version that got us into this mess in the first place.

Emily Phillipsassistant professorscenic designFeb. 3