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Campaign attacks not personal

Sean Williams | Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Though not mentioned, I believe I played a role in Friday’s article, “Election campaign marred by personal attacks.” I was motivated to attend Wednesday’s debate because residents in my dorm complained to me about the rude campaigning of Mr. Ebersol. While campaigning, he woke up residents, interrupted studying and talked while they watched movies. I wondered what type of person would do this and thus did my own research.This led me to attend the debate, where I asked him two questions directly. The first: “Why was so much money lost on David Spade?” His response was, “That’s a good question because I didn’t.” He then lied to my face and said that it was The Observer’s fault for misinterpreting the facts and that the David Spade fiasco lost no money.My second question: Why was there false information on his flyers in Pasquerilla Center which claimed that the Presidential Pass In Review should be moved to South Quad because 15 percent of students are in ROTC? He again denied responsibility and said, “You need to go talk to the administration because I got the numbers from them.” I pointed out to Mr. Ebersol that if he knew the student body well, he would have realized that nowhere near 15 percent is in ROTC, as the actual figure is about four percent. Later one of my (reworded questions) was read via index card asking how Mr. Ebersol related to common students. After his response I yelled out, “Hey Charlie, What’s FAFSA?” He responded, “What?” I informed him, “Free Application for Federal Student Aid,” to which he responded, “What the hell are you talking about?” I finished with, “Charlie, you proved my point. Thanks.” I then gave him the middle finger and left, which would be my “personal attack.”I never phoned him, touched his Hummer or e-mailed him. I just want to make the point that maybe if he took responsibility for his mistakes, was a polite campaigner and was in touch with common students, he wouldn’t be personally disliked. Thank you for allowing me to explain my “role” in the “personal attacks.”

Sean WilliamsseniorSt. Edward’s HallFeb. 13