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Enjoy the college experience

Observer Viewpoint | Monday, February 23, 2004

My last semester at Notre Dame is seemingly an utter waste of time. Suddenly, my biggest challenge is getting to class on time, nay, getting to class at all. My job offer was not exactly motivation to crank out A+ papers. And while recent grads – the free and liberated – and underclassman – still bound by the chains of responsibility – tell me that I should be living up the abundance of free time with incessant partying, I am finding that my lack of determination to do anything at all is actually a nightmare, not some coveted promised land.

What I have realized is just how good I had it before. There was never any time for anything. I complained about how many papers I wrote in the late hours of the night/morning, whined about my lack of sleep that resulted from Thursdays at the Boat Club and moaned about how many miles were put on my car during various road trips. But secretly, I loved every minute of it. It was the best time of my life. Yet outwardly, I prayed that senior year would come so I could just do nothing.

Now my respite from work is here and I yearn to go back in time. College flew by, and I do not remember half of it. Weeks were packed with work at Reckers, working out at Rolfs, mass at P.E., meetings at Lafortune, beers at bars and road trips to Windsor/Florida/Chicago/insert fun place here. Pictures were taken, drinks were consumed and laughter was absorbed. I had the perfect life. I had a boyfriend that I loved, unforgettable friends that desired my time and work that I actually felt like doing.

Underclassmen, if this is your life, do not waste it. Use that fake ID like it is your job. You can catch up on sleep later. Do your homework and go the extra mile. Meet your professors. Go to office hours. Who knows, they might have something interesting to say. Join a club. You will double your acquaintances. Work out. After this, you will have to pay to use Gold’s gym. But whatever you do, do not say no to your friends when they ask you out. Do not say no to your professors when they offer extra credit. These are all opportunities that will enhance your life. Do everything and be everything. Be busy. By the time senior year hits, it just may be too late.

Amy Chamberssenioroff-campusFeb. 21