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Jack and Diane at their best in comedy

Emily Iarocci | Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton are undoubtedly two of the brightest and best actors of their generation. We have grown up watching them on the big screen in such movies as Batman, A Few Good Men, As Good As It Gets, The Godfather Trilogy and Father of the Bride. Nicholson and Keaton joined forces in this winter’s romantic comedy Something’s Gotta Give. Something’s Gotta Give is written and directed by Nancy Meyers, the same woman who directed What Women Want, another outstanding romantic comedy. Both movies seem to transcend the stereotypical romantic comedy, which is generally brushed off as cheesy and predictable. This movie in particular is quite the opposite of that stereotype. The screenplay writers manage to add all sorts of twists and turns within the plot to keep the viewer engaged for the entire two-hour length of the movie. Nicholson plays a 60-something-year-old bachelor who has never dated a woman over the age of 30. At the beginning of the movie Harry Sanborn (Nicholson) is dating the much younger Marin Barry (Amanda Peet). The two decide to take a weekend trip to Barry’s mother’s house in the Hamptons. They arrive at the house to find Erica Barry (Keaton) has also decided to take a trip to her Hamptons getaway for the weekend. Erica is a well-known playwright whose works are performed on Broadway, and she is currently suffering from writer’s block. In the midst of all the awkwardness over the issue that Erica’s daughter is dating a man who is older than Erica, Harry has a heart attack and ends up having to stay in the Hamptons under Erica’s care for a while.Harry’s 30-something-year-old doctor (Keanu Reeves) becomes immediately interested in Erica, which she is quite taken aback by. Also, while under her roof, Harry begins to become interested in Erica. This is a first for him since he has never even had the slightest interest in a woman over thirty in his entire life. Harry and Erica have an amazing last few days together. They seem to have fallen in love. However, as soon as they arrive back in the city, Harry continues to live his life the way he always has. His act of ignoring Erica helps cure her writer’s block because she is so overcome by emotion. From then on the movie follows the two main characters separately, though somehow they still manage to run into each other and their feelings for each other are evident at each meeting. Erica starts to date the young doctor even though she feels strange about the whole situation. Even the end of this movie is semi-unpredictable. Jack Nicholson’s antics in the movie are hilarious as is to be expected, making his character the most enjoyable. Diane Keaton’s character’s personality completely changes from the start of the movie to the end and watching that transformation and her emotional outbursts are also very entertaining. Both actors were at their best in this movie. Peet and Reeves were also both successful in their supporting roles. Meyers has outdone herself and done an amazing job in the direction of this movie. Other than some slight discomfort due to the extreme age differences involved in some of the romantic relationships throughout the movie, it fully deserves all the praise it has received. Nicholson and Keaton are fantastic in this incredibly entertaining story.