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Examine your faith first

Observer Viewpoint | Friday, March 26, 2004

Despite the belief of many on this campus, the Catholic Church has made many significant mistakes in the past. I mean, selling indulgences? Give me a break. Now while I realize this situation is not quite the same, I’d like those in the Notre Dame community to take a look at themselves and their faith before condemning a group of people.

No one is asking you to become a homosexual. No one is even asking that you agree with the idea of homosexuality. A tolerance for everyone is all that is being asked for. Why is it that there is such contempt for this group of “sinners” and not for other groups of “sinners?” I thought the Catholic Church preached acceptance? I guess not when it involves something with which you aren’t comfortable. No one seems to have a problem with the equally “sinful” and hedonistic practice of drinking to drunkenness every weekend, yet there is no movement to attack this group. For the record, I have no problem whatsoever with either practice. Perhaps if we were all more in touch with our own sexuality – no matter what it may be – we will become more accepting of others’.

Before immediately lashing back against something that may make you uncomfortable, take a moment to really examine your faith. If you are indeed a true Catholic, take a moment to see if you are acting as one.

Jack O’BrienjuniorO’Neill Hall March 25