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Love does not negate right and wrong

Barbie Sloan | Thursday, March 25, 2004

I grow weary of opening to the Viewpoint section every day and finding another article defending practicing homosexuality through the misuse of biblical passages. Inevitably the Bible will find its way into a debate such as this, but the reckless use of random citations does not acknowledge the message of the Bible as a whole. Yes, it is true Scripture calls us to love all people regardless of fault or virtue – Christ perfectly embodied this in his human existence while on earth.But even though the greatest of all things is love, this does not discount the existence of moral rights and wrongs. Despite the variations in human ideas and cultural changes, God, outside our own time, remains unchanging and His truths constant. Love does not translate into moral relativism. Jesus forgave and loved Mary Magdalene but did not support her continuing a lifestyle as a prostitute. I encourage those engaged in a spiritual debate of any kind not to find biblical loopholes and quotations that express incomplete ideas, but rather to embrace the Will of God in these matters. To know and practice His truth is the best possible way to love Him and those around us, no matter how inconvenient, difficult or controversial.

Barbie SloanfreshmanPasquerilla West March 24