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National defense vs. education?

Observer Viewpoint | Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I want to congratulate Roque Strew on another persuasively shrill diatribe in the March 29 issue of The Observer.

I get it now. President Bush proposes and passes the No Child Left Behind Act with an overwhelming bipartisan majority in Congress and whose purpose is to close the achievement gap between rich and poor students in America’s more than 89,599 public schools, and he is an axe murderer for doing it. Oh yes, and President Bush also increases federal funding for education more than 59.8 percent between the years of 2000 and 2003. He only increased funding for education 60 percent, while Clinton did nothing for eight years.

Come on, Bush, what’s more important? National defense and the war on terrorism or “free” education for Roque Strew? Roque’s peers are serving and dying on the streets of Afghanistan and Iraq for the cause of freedom and democracy while he whines about the size of Pell Grants. I have a simple question for Roque: Why is it that the more we spend federal and state money on education, the more the cost of education goes up? Who cares? I am taking to the streets right now so that Roque does not have to pay a dime for his fancy private school education. Join me, all you apathetic moderates, because Roque Strew says so.

Brendan O’Connor


Keough Hall

March 30