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Queen Week fun

Annie Brusky | Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Imagine 60 girls shoveling huge bowls of ice cream down their throats as fast as possible – all in preparation for their formal at the end of the week.

Imagine the mounting tension as balls are thrown, and the once-friendly section rivalries escalate into an intense game of dodgeball.

Ah, yes, I think I’m finally getting a sense of what it’s like to live in Zahm Hall.

For the next week, or so I’m told, schoolwork is to be pushed aside in Pasquerilla West and section activities take top priority.

With the movie Jaws as my section’s theme, we stress over SYR dates as we try to figure out how to make limbs hang from the ceiling and whose blood to splatter on the dangling swimsuits.

It’s a perfect mix.

Such is the nature of PW’s Queen Week, a tough-as-nails competition (well, not really), combined with enough laughs to keep me going through Easter break.

If you’re lucky enough, you might just get to see throngs of girls sunbathing in front of the Rock, working out at Rolf’s in prom dresses, building human pyramids in the reflection pool, or doing the Macarena with a security guard at Reckers.

You only wish.

Sure, these events are a little cheesy and call to mind summer camps of years past – or was that FroshO? – but, I have to admit that I love them all.

If being handcuffed in the back of an NDSP vehicle or taking a dip in Rolf’s pool with all your clothes on doesn’t lead to quality bonding, I don’t know what will. And there will be pictures as proof lest we ever deny our crazy stints as Purple Weasels.

Every dorm has their signature events and it’s this enthusiasm and dorm spirit that sets Notre Dame apart.

My friends at state schools often don’t know the people who live a floor below them and they couldn’t imagine going to dances with the rest of their dorm.

Sure, we are all a little SYR-ed out after months of these things, but, seriously, we should be grateful. We get the chance to dance our hearts out with 50 of our best friends and nothing – not DuLac, not boys who are too white to dance and definitely not a desire to break out of our Notre Dame “bubble” – should get in our way.

So if you happen to see purple faces at Subway or girls in facemasks and curlers at South Dining Hall, relax.

We’ll be “grown up” soon enough and our professional lives may not allow for us to be such goofballs. College is a great time to live it up, both at parties and doing random activities in the middle of the quad early in the afternoon.

Personally, I couldn’t ask for a better ride.