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Students blast off for Spring Break

K. Aaron Van Oosterhout | Friday, March 5, 2004

With spring break only hours away, at least one student is looking forward to a week of relaxation on the Pacific coastline, although the Cavanaugh resident is traveling farther north than most.Megan Kimmet will be flying home to Anchorage, Alaska, where 30-degree temperatures, moose and glaciers are likely to greet her.”I’m used to having snow until late April … so it’ll be nice to go back to what I’m used to,” said Kimmet. “I get to go to the glaciers; it’s just awesome-looking, with the icebergs out in the water; it’s nice and relaxing to see.”While Anchorage does not attract the typically sun-thirsty Spring Break crowd, it remains a popular destination for “younger outdoorsy people who want to go hiking in the wilderness,” according to Kimmet. “Up there you can see so many more stars, and they’re so much brighter,” she said.While the stars may be brighter, the sun is not.”It’s still dark for a lot of the day now,” said Kimmet, with the sun setting around 6:30 p.m. and rising at 7:45 a.m.Unlike the Alaska-bound Kimmet, other members of the Notre Dame community will be on campus, working full-time.One such member, Keenan Hall custodian Michael Adamek, will be busy cleaning rooms during his daily shift from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.”It’s mandatory,” said Adamek of the spring break shift. “We have to do it.”Instead of sweeping the halls and cleaning the showers, however, Adamek and his colleagues will be scouring students’ rooms.”We’re going to vacuum, dust and clean the sinks,” he said.With this in mind, Adamek offered a final word to those students who will soon be departing. “Spread the word around: empty every wastebasket,” Adamek said.Joining Adamek at Notre Dame, many juniors have decided to forgo hedonism for extra MCAT study time.Keough Hall resident Michael Annen said he plans to use the week to get in extra study time.”I don’t have a ton of time during the [school] week to study for it, so this gives me a week where I can concentrate on it.”This is the first year that Annen has not left campus, and his plans contrast sharply with last year’s trip to the Bahamas, according to friend Jake Granatino.”I can understand his need to stay on campus,” said Granatino. “There can be a lot of distractions over spring break.”This year, however, Granatino is traveling to Ft. Lauderdale, and many of his other friends are heading for cruises in such places as New Orleans, California and the Caribbean. Annen said that he had mixed feeling about not being able to attend the cruise with his friends.”It sucks, but it’s my future, and I’ve got to do it,” he said.His friends are not the only students traveling to California, however, as the Glee Club starts its biannual tour in Sacramento.Freshman Jonathan Lin will be traveling from the capital of the Golden State all the way north to Vancouver, “taking stops and doing shows in Sacramento, Seattle, Portland.”During the week, the club members will stay both with host families and in hotels.”This is a record: we get three nights in hotels this trip,” Lin said.Lin said that he plans to use the free time to do some sightseeing.”On the free days, [we will] just drive around town and see the sights,” he said.As Lin and others prove, Spring Break affords all students the opportunity to work, play or just simply relax.”The possibilities are endless,” Lin said.