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Supporting differences

Casey Stanton | Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Euripides said, “There is just one life for each of us: our own.”Assuming that God exists and that God is the supreme creator, God created human life, and if God wanted us all to be the same, God would have made us all the same. Fortunately, God made us in all shapes and sizes and colors because God rejoices in difference. God also gave us each a mind of our own in which to formulate beliefs and thoughts as well as a heart that knows no boundaries to love. Jesus was sent to us to practice and preach the supreme message of God – that is, to love one another. There is no footnote or appendix or additional clause saying “Love only those who are straight,” or “Love people who have no flaws” or “Love only those who believe in the same things as you do.” No, Jesus’ message was crystal clear: God made us out of love, and our purpose during our time here is to love totally all beings in God’s beautiful creation. We were not sent here to be the judge of other people’s morality. If we oppose something, we do not take have to take part in it. But we are not called to point our finger at a “sinner” unless we ourselves have no sin. God will be the judge of us on the last day, until then, we all have enough of our own morality to keep us from infringing our beliefs on other people. In the comfort of the Notre Dame bubble – which is ready to burst in its heaps of Catholic doctrine – it seems the Student Activities Board has forgotten what is at the heart of our faith. In not permitting United in Diversity (UID) to attain club status, the administrative powers on this campus foster an atmosphere in stark contrast to the message of Christ. Rather than welcoming all people and nurturing a sense of inclusiveness in its student body – something this world is in desperate need of – the powers that be continue to try to mute the voice of UID, thus, telling its students that in fact, we do not have to include all people. This is not only unconstitutional, discriminatory and simply unjust – it is anti-Christian. UID is not mute, nor is it going away. I only hope the members of the Notre Dame community recognize the injustice being done against this group as incentive to make their voices heard.

Casey StantonfreshmanPasquerilla EastMar. 29