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A fun little Easter game

Lauren Galgano | Thursday, April 8, 2004

Let’s play a game – though for you Psych majors out there, this may sound a little more like naming pre-associations from your childhood. Nevertheless, we’ll have some fun.

Here are the rules. I will give you a word, and you say the first memory or thought that pops into your mind. (If you are sitting alone, you may want to keep your thoughts inside, just in case somebody walks by.) I’ll share my answers with you, and the one with the best stories at the end wins. Appropriately, the topic will be “Easter.”


The vinegar-water mixture with the red dye does not taste like kool-aid.


Chocolate, one of the top five things ever – except when that is all you eat for an entire day.


Peter. Although, he was one bad little bunny. As I recall, he ate quite a few of Mr. McGregor’s vegetables, having to hide later in a watering can that was full of water. I am reminded of a similar incident involving NDSP.

Jelly Beans.

I love the black ones.


There is a limit to how stale they can get before you should continue eating them.


Parade, the classic movie starring Fred Astaire. It always puts me in a happy mood, and I get that song stuck in my head: “On the Avenue, Fifth Avenue, the photographers will snap us…”

Ding, end of round one. Do you have the hang of it now? If you are ready to continue, here are some tougher ones.


Matzos. If you haven’t had it recently, you have been living in the Notre Dame bubble a little too long. You can’t get it in the Huddle, so you’ll have to go to Martin’s.


Sacrificial, the one of the Passover. Also, a favorite Greek dish.


Shoes. And Holy Thursday. Jesus spent some of his last hours of freedom on earth washing the feet of his disciples. How would I spend my last hours of freedom?


The. I saw the movie last week. Definitely beats Casablanca as the greatest love story ever told.


Candle. A new liturgical year means a time for renewing your personal relationship with Christ. See “lamb” above.


Easter, minus the parade. You and I have eternal life because death has been conquered and Heaven has been opened. Now that’s something to celebrate.

Ding, end of round two. The greatest part about this game is that you learn a lot about yourself as you go along. All right, one more word:


The way, the truth and the life.

What did you come up with?

Have a wonderful Easter break!