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Formulate political opinions based on reality

Adam Tracy | Sunday, April 18, 2004

I am writing in response to Heather Phillips’ April 16 letter. I am a member of the Class of 2000, writing from Chicago, where I have consistently been able to look beyond the liberal spin in the past year to formulate political opinions based on reality, not animus, spite and one man’s career aspirations.It’s laudable that Ms. Philips has decided to re-enter the political debate. In the last presidential election, barely over 50 percent of registered voters participated. The apathy towards exercising this most fundamental right is simply abhorrent.Yet, with the right to vote comes responsibility – a term most often loosely affiliated with the liberal agenda. By this I mean a responsibility to weigh both sides of the argument, to cut through the left-leaning media spin and to take responsibility for the consequences of your vote. To accept the “ads on the Metro” or the agenda-laden musings of MoveOn.org at face value is doing yourself, and the country as a whole, a grave diservice.If the Leninites at MoveOn.org really had the altruistic goals of rengaging the disenchanted many in the political process, they would be better served not to force those same people to choose one side over the other. Furthermore, if their intent was to create a more open, involved democratic process, they would be loathe to disregard Clinton’s impeachment as a “waste of our nation’s focus.” You can label Bush a liar and call for his censure, but Clinton gets a pass? That’s one for inclusion.And, for the record, the real “man of the people,” John Kerry (estimated worth: $500 million) and his Democratic party have raised $100 million to this point. That’s a lot of bake sales.

Adam TracyClass of 2000April 16