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Funny Friends

Kate Gales | Friday, April 23, 2004

Seeing as I’m not a very funny person myself, I love to be around people who are. And one thing that concerned me about matriculating at Notre Dame was that there might not be a lot of, well, amusing people. It’s not something you can ask for on the application. It probably doesn’t come through on college essays too often. And you certainly can’t make a type of comedian SAT’s. Affirmative action for funny people? I don’t see the admissions office making a statement on that anytime soon.Luckily, the Dillon Pep Rally at the beginning of the school year partially assuaged my fears. I knew there were humorous people out there, I would just have to find them. I was also moderately familiar with the Keenan Revue, as my best friend’s older brother lives in Keenan, and we would amuse ourselves by watching the 2002 Keenan Revue.However, I didn’t know many people participating in these activities. Failed attempts at jokes in my chemistry lab also disheartened me. Where were these elusive jokesters? I kept looking, and fortunately found Kirsten, who lives across the hall from me and is renowned, at least among our group of friends, for her rather unique sense of humor. At least her roommate always laughs at her jokes. Still more fortunately, we made the acquaintance of several outlandishly funny guys, who will remain nameless for obvious reasons.So the not-very-funny Kate was able to keep laughing through the innate hilarity of these people. But I remained saddened that more events did not showcase the funniness of my fellow studentsAnd then came Bookstore Basketball.I ended up writing the article previewing the tournament and began flipping through a book of names. I honestly could not stop laughing. Participants – you are great. You are funny. You are my collective heroes. Who comes up with this stuff? You do. As I head out to cover the Sweet 16, I’m a little disappointed that my favorite teams have all been eliminated. I love the names – I already wrote an article featuring some of my favorites. Oh, and the “—? Fine by me” will probably never get old for me.In other notes, Bubba’s Sparks, the single funniest team I saw in all of the bookstore games I watched (note – I watched a lot of games) was a heartbreaking loss. Even if they hadn’t broken out the Frisbee to play, they would have been my hands-down favorite team for their costumes (or provisions) alone.I also looked forward to seeing our formidable opponents, Team Thiz, take on my friends’ team Curb Your Enthusiasm. Team Thiz played my team, and managed to let us score a probably unprecedented number of pity points, despite my friend Tyng pleading with me “Kate, don’t take that shot!” Scheduling problems forced both teams into an early exit from the tournament – both undefeated.Thanks for being so funny. You make up for me, and I appreciate that – a lot.