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IPCA here I come

Angela Saoud | Thursday, April 1, 2004

I have never been a good packer. The summer I turned 12, I started packing for myself for our family vacation to Florida. I forgot pajamas. And a long sleeve shirts. And I only took three socks. Yes, that’s right, three. After that, my mom insisted on checking my suitcase when we went on vacations.In high school, I took a service trip to West Virginia with my church youth group. We were only allowed to bring one suitcase for the whole week. I went to Wal-Mart and bought the biggest suitcase I could find. When I showed up the morning of the trip, my gigantic suitcase in tow, my youth director insisted on checking all of our bags to make sure no one over packed. We all ended up sending clothes home. Last night, I spent the evening packing for ICPA. That’s the Indiana Collegiate Press Association for those who have no clue what I’m referencing. Nineteen Observer staff members will head to Muncie, Indiana this afternoon to attend an overnight conference. Having not been there before, I don’t exactly know what to expect. But I’m promised a meal on Observer’s tab, a few sessions that may or may not be interesting, and a great time. Even if the conference is a bust, I’m looking forward to getting to know the rest of the staff. Between running back and forth between South Dining Hall and Saint Mary’s there has been little time to get to talk with, let alone get to know, my fellow staff members. But, I think that six hours in the car, and 20-some odd hours together will do us all good. It’s funny how you can be in class with people, or, work with people for years, and never be able to put a name with their face. Even after talking to other staff members on the phone for over a year, I am just now starting to meet all of them. I don’t yet know their backgrounds. I don’t yet know their stories. But this weekend is going to be the start to changing all of that. So, as I try to cram my clothes, my homework (yeah, like that’s gonna’ happen), and the rest of my items into one duffle bag, I can’t help but realize that I’m truly looking forward to this experience. I have no idea what to expect – well, with the exception of some possible moments of debauchery – but I know it will be a worthwhile experience nonetheless. But for now, I need to finish packing. And, my mom just called. She just wanted to make sure I remembered my toothbrush.