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Stiles finds a prince, lacks a plot

Becca Saunders | Wednesday, April 7, 2004

The latest teenage romantic comedy has arrived, and has taken form in “The Prince & Me,” starring Julia Stiles and the British actor Luke Mably. While one should not walk into this film with high expectations, chances are the average teenager through 20-year-old girl will not be disappointed. Cheesy? Yes. Predictable? Definitely. Does it make a girl’s stomach get butterflies? Without a doubt (and isn’t that really why anyone is at this movie anyhow?).The storyline of “The Prince & Me” is not a difficult one to follow. Paige (Stiles) is a senior at a university in Wisconsin. Paige Morgan is a dedicated and straight-laced pre-med student who is not going to let love slow her down. She meets Prince Edward (Mably) at her night job as a waitress. Prince Edward is the crown prince of Denmark who can’t stay out of trouble. He sees a “Girls Gone Wild”- esque film from Wisconsin and decides to go to college in America as Eddie. It must be something about that Wisconsin air, because as soon as Eddie gets to America, he leaves behind his wild ways in pursuit of Paige. Following a very unbelievable character shift, in both the characters of Eddie and Paige, the two end up together. That is until Paige gets a big surprise – Eddie is a prince. Paige of course ends up in Denmark where she must choose between a life with Eddie as queen of Denmark or fulfilling her dreams of becoming a doctor. The end has been advertised as surprising, it is not; but does make the audience work to get there. The plot is predictable, yet enjoyable and the acting registers in the same category. Stiles, known for her mediocre acting and annoying fake accents, seems to let her guard down in this film and, apart from one scene where she is clumsily dancing to slow music while wiping tables as Eddie falls for her, Stiles is not annoying in the slightest. The character of Paige fit Stiles well, and whether or not that is only because Stiles in reality is similar to Paige, thus making the “acting” aspect questionable, is largely irrelevant (hey, it worked for Julia Roberts). One could not call Stiles breathtaking, or even necessarily talented, but she is most definitely satisfactory, which is not often the case for her. Luke Mably also plays his role as Prince Edward well, providing comic relief in his characters ineptness for day-to-day tasks. Not to mention, he is cute has a British accent and is starring in a movie made for teen girls, so generally his performance will be, and deserves to be, well received. The only other standout role is the comic character of Ben Miller as the stoic and often-distraught Soren, Prince Edward’s “nanny”.Overall, “The Prince & Me” is not a bad film to see if you enjoy this type of movie. There is nothing impressive about it, beyond the beautiful setting of the castle in Denmark, but it is also by no means disappointing in its nature. If people are looking for more than “I can live my dreams and have a boyfriend too”, don’t bother seeing it. Yet, if it is a romantic teen film that won’t require a great deal of thinking that someone is looking for, look no farther. “The Prince & Me” promises a story that the title and the advertising imply – nothing more, but nothing less.