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The look

Kate Gales | Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Do you ever get the Look? You know, the Look that is just screaming “I can’t believe someone like you got in a school like this.” I get it a lot. So I’m writing this column as a sort of service project. If you’ve ever been a recipient of the Look, you can read it and think, “Wow, this girl is even more spaced out than I am.” Or, if you can top my experiences, you can write me an e-mail. Then I can laugh at you. Oh man, I really hope I get some stories from people. I’ll be sympathetic. I promise. So top these. Please.I shocked myself with Christmas lights. It hurt. It was not fun. I told Erin, who lives across the hall. She gave me a Look. “You touched open wires without turning the lights off?” I really didn’t know you were supposed to do that. I guess you could say that the news was a shock … zing. I fell down the stairs of my dorm. What makes the story better is that the door was open, and I fell out the door, too. Very embarrassing, let me tell you. People were watching me. They gave me the Look. My best friend, who tore both her ACLs, gave me that test to see if I tore anything because my knee was so swollen. She also gave me the Look. I made a CD for a guy, code name Ignatius, on Valentine’s Day. I wrote “To Ignatius, from Kate” on the front while my brother, code name Xavier, was explaining to me the fine art of CD making. The next day, his roommate asked me who Xavier was. I was confused. Very confused. Until I realized that I had been on the phone with my brother and inadvertently written “Xavier” on the CD – and given it to Ignatius. I was so upset, I screamed. My roommate asked me why I was screaming. She gave me the Look. Then she laughed. I just about died.I set my alarm without looking at the hour. I went to and sat through the entire 8:30 calculus class instead of my 9:35 without realizing it. Where were my friends and the professor? Why did I not understand the material? For some reason, I didn’t think to question it.I tried to say Reese’s Pieces. But I added a “nis” in the middle of “pieces.” Say it out loud and you’ll realize why it was awkward when I said it to my football coach. He gave me the Look. Then he laughed so hard he rolled around on the ground. I challenge you to top those.