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Fun times and football season

Molly Acker | Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you should know that Saturday marks the beginning of what many consider their favorite time of year: Irish home football season. Saturday also happens to mark the one week anniversary since the tragic tailgating events at North Carolina State University occurred.

College football fans throughout the country were shocked and saddened by the violent shootings of Brett Harmann and Kevin McCann, both 23. Harmann and McCann were at a North Carolina tailgating party and had been involved in what was reported as minor altercation with a reckless driver prior to their murders.

To think that an event as fun as tailgating could lead to fatalities should make us all realize that responsible and logical behavior is a must. God gave us all common sense. Make sure to bring yours not only to the game, but to the pre and post game activities as well.

That said, I’ll stop being so grim, because the first home football game should be cause for celebration – assuming we actually put some points up against the Wolverines this year. We all have what should be a wonderful season ahead of us that is sure to be filled with great times and not worrying about the final score.

Despite all the fun, football season is never without its hitches. There are certain situations that most students will inevitably encounter this season:

Over-served fans: We’ve all seen them. The spectators who have had a few too many cold-ones in the parking lot and make fools of themselves. Do your best to ignore them, even as they repeatedly knock you off your bench while trying to keep up with the band’s rendition of the Irish Jig.

The friend who wears out their welcome: She arrives on Tuesday afternoon and is still there after Sunday night Mass. What are you supposed to do with her?

Extra football tickets: Remember all those people that you promised Boston College tickets to this summer? Well, they don’t know that it was just the alcohol talking, and they expect you to come through.

Your parents: They arrive much too early on gameday, bring you more food than you have room to store, and bother you with questions about your grades or whether you are dating anyone. Just humor them; they really are excited to see you.

The student section: Someone is bound to get stuck next to “that guy” who spends the entire game yelling that “even Bob Davie was better than this guy!” Chalk it up to part of the football experience and understand that he is only annoying because he cares too much.

Former Alumna or Alumnus: They knock on your door, want to take a look at their old dorm rooms, and have a propensity for interrupting your much-needed post-game nap. Be understanding, invite them in and allow them to reminisce about the good ole days.

The shirt: Some of you girls will agree. They aren’t too cute and maybe not the most flattering, but wear it. Who really cares what you look like at a football game, anyway?

Rain: Mother Nature is either a USC fan, or she doesn’t look at the football schedule. You’ll get drenched at least once.

The push-ups: Be prepared to suffer some injuries, especially with the ample push-up opportunities that are produced by our juggernaut offense.

Despite these potential football weekend pit-falls, relish the moment. Take it all in stride, so as not to repeat history. Be smart and practice caution. Most importantly, have a great time with your family, friends and fellow fans.

Go Irish!

Molly Acker is a junior at Saint Mary’s and a double major in humanistic studies and communications. She can be contacted at [email protected]

The views expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.