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Lacking the Irish luck

Jen Rowling | Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Being a prestigious university, it is only natural that Notre Dame would provide us with a world renowned, state-of-the-art traffic force. Students should salute the Notre Dame Security/Police for their traffic patrol skills. Surrounded by the bustling metropolis of South Bend, NDSP officers are constantly patrolling our campus for unauthorized vehicles. Of course, the most suspicious and dangerous automobiles are those owned and operated by the Notre Dame students, themselves. This determined, defensive squad, known as the NDSP, has therefore made it virtually impossible for students to get their cars on campus.Except for the lucky few who have green cards for swiping, all those wanting to gain access to campus roads must come face to face with the indomitable NDSP. These encounters are a certainty if one wants to avoid the excruciatingly, long walk from D6 or D2000. Depending on the day and the officer, some students may be lucky enough to have their vehicle welcomed on campus.I applaud anyone who can devise an ingenious scheme to allow NDSP to permit them on the streets of Notre Dame proper. Forget the practical reasons: carrying groceries, picking up a friend, being late for class, walking alone in the dark or simply leaving something behind. Oh, and one might think that pouring rain, freezing drizzle or a white-out would be an acceptable excuse. No Way! The NDSP assists in building our character by giving us the opportunity of trudging back to our dorm, soaking wet or freezing cold. Be grateful that the Stephan Center parking lot is located extremely close to the infirmary. If you come down with pneumonia, need to get stitches or have to have a broken bone realigned, it’s only a short stroll away.So what exactly does it take to get on campus? Not even the “Luck of the Irish” will secure a spot for your car on campus! A classic excuse used to be, “just getting back from the airport with luggage.” This worked for my entire sophomore year. Then, the technically advanced NDSP equipped its officers with flashlights. Now they simply request, “Pop open that trunk.” Keep an empty piece of luggage in the trunk or backseat at all times. Last year, two boys wanted to pick up their friends to go to the movies. Before leaving their off-campus residence, they dismantled their computer and placed it in the front seat of their car. Whether or not the NDSP believed their concocted story, the students were allowed access to the roads of Notre Dame. Only a Notre Dame student can fully appreciate the excitement that comes when a friend calls to inform you, “I’m on campus in front of your dorm!”Unfortunately, Notre Dame students are forced to continue to engage in creative measures to get on campus. There is, however, one foolproof way. Have a parent in the car with you at all times. When mom or dad is sitting next to you, the NDSP welcome you on campus with a bright smile! Your parent smiles back, tells the officer to have a nice day, then turns to you and says, “Everyone is so friendly.”