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Name of SUB will remain the same

Amanda Michaels | Thursday, September 9, 2004

Six months after the Student Senate voted to change the Student Union Board’s name to the Campus Programming Council, the Senate reversed its decision and re-dubbed them SUB.

The amendment, which passed with only one vote of dissention, specified that all mentions of the CPC in the newly-minted Student Union Constitution be changed to SUB.

The resolution listed budgetary savings and nominal recognition as support for the change.

Addressing the Senate, SUB manager Jimmy Flaherty said that implementing the change from SUB to CPC would require approximately $7,600 in funds, and the board was allocated only $2,000 for the task.

“The money would go to replacing items that say SUB, and rebranding the name CPC,” he said. “The name change would also cost us a shift of focus, as we would have to worry about advertising the CPC and making the marketing transition.”

The funds once set aside for the change will now be routed back to the Financial Management Board for a new allocation decision.

Flaherty also said the board’s new website design and programming efforts have been marked by the SUB, not CPC, logo.

Cavanaugh senator Jordan Bongiovanni expressed concern at this statement, and questioned why Flaherty hadn’t made the switch to CPC when he took over the managerial position in April.

“I’m distressed that we made a decision, and five months later there are still efforts to change it,” she said.

Student Body President Adam Istvan explained that both he and Student Affairs advised Flaherty to continue using the name ‘SUB’, as an amendment was in the works from the start of the new term in April.

“We thought of the amendment as an appeal, so as long it was pending, SUB could continue using that name,” Istvan said.

Siegfried senator James Leito, involved in the original push to adopt the CPC, spoke out against the resolution.

“We wanted a name that was more applicable to what the group did, something that involved programming or activities,” he said. “Reputation was also a concern – it was hoped that a new name would erase any past problems SUB may have had and give Jimmy’s group a fresh face.”

Flaherty countered that the success of the Michigan State ticket lottery has already begun to improve SUB’s “tarnished” name.

Alumni senator Vijay Ramanan was one of the final voices in the debate.

“If you sit in mud, you get back up; if we made a mistake, then we fix it,” he said. “We have just as much of a duty to correct the problem today as we did to approve it then.”

In other Senate news:

uA proposed amendment to the Senate’s absentee policy was sent back to the oversight committee for discussion and rewriting after its clarity and specificity were called into question.

The changes would have limited each senator to three unexcused absences, and required a hearing in front of the Student Union Ethics Committee after four unexcused absences. The current policy allows for five absences before such a hearing, and makes no distinction between the excused and unexcused.